Bridgestone at Agritechnica 2017

Nov, 09 2017

Bridgestone at Agritechnica 2017

Beach volleyball Olympic champions Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst at the exhibition stand

Bridgestone, the world’s number one tyre and rubber manufacturer1, will be at Agritechnica, the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology, in Hall 20 at Stand A63 from 12-18 November 2017. For the first time, the new Bridgestone Premium VX-Tractor tyre, with which farmers can transport larger loads both in the field and on the road, will be presented to the trade fair visitors. The tough and flexible carcass with extra deep and long lugs provides excellent traction with a long service life. In addition to Bridgestone's VT-Tractor, VT-Combine and VX-Tractor exhibition tyres, the Firestone tyre brand will also be represented at the exhibition stand by the Performer 95, Maxi Traction 65 and Duraforce UT.

With 2 900 international exhibitors and over 450 000 visitors from all over the world, Agritechnica is considered the most important platform for the presentation of innovations in agricultural engineering. Bridgestone, the world’s number one tyre and rubber manufacturer¹, will also showcase its Firestone tyre brand and present a market innovation as well as some long-running successes in the field of agriculture.

Bridgestone will be supported by its "Chase Your Dream No Matter What" campaign ambassadors and Olympic champions, Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst. On 13 November, these two exceptional athletes will share their personal success stories with selected specialist journalists and will be available for exclusive interviews at the Bridgestone stand.

Bridgestone on site with VT-Tractor, VT-Combine and VX-Tractor

To work in a way that preserves the soil is particularly important to farmers. In addition to the Firestone’s agricultural tyres, Bridgestone will be showcasing its VT Tractor, which provides farmers with excellent traction on soil. The "Very High Flexion" (VF) technology allows the VT-Tractor to also operate at low air pressure, due to the special tyre elasticity in combination with a revised tread design. This is up to 0.4 bar below tyres using standard technology. This not only enables the farmer to transport heavy loads while preserving the soil, but also saves fuel.

The VT-Combine with "Improved Flexion" (IF technology) has been specially developed for cyclical field use (Cyclic Field Operations/CFO) and offers a load carrying capacity that is 20 per cent higher than conventional standard tyres (ETRTO Standard), which also makes it possible to work at lower air pressure. Harvest time is one of the most important times of the year for farmers. The new, innovative tyres enable efficient work and time saving due to the higher cyclic load capacity at 15 km/h, instead of 10 km/h in the case of standard tyres. The VT-Combine helps farmers to work faster and achieve better earnings with a higher load capacity, excellent traction (thanks to the new, patented lug design), durability, comfort and soil preservation. At the same, by using the VT-Combine tyres, farmers are preserving their most valuable resource: the fertile soil.²
The new VX-Tractor tyre in the dimension 710/70 R42 can be seen for the first time at Agritechnica at the Bridgestone stand.

Firestone presents Performer 95, Maxi Traction 65 and Duraforce UT

The Performer 95 is a particularly slim and durable tyre for maintenance work and field spraying. It offers a high load capacity and improved driving dynamics up to 65 km/h, as well as excellent traction and a self-cleaning function. The Firestone Performer 95 Row Crop is equipped with a steel belt. The rigid steel belt reinforces the tread and allows the tyre to carry larger loads at higher pressures.

Firestone will also present the Maxi Traction 65, introduced in 2016, with lugs that are on average 11 per cent higher than its predecessor at Agritechnica. As a result, the product from the traditional brand offers a longer service life with consistently excellent performance. The Maxi Traction also has wider lugs and a larger tyre width, which together provide more ground contact and thus extend the life of the tyre. The benefits are also apparent on the road: The longer lugs and larger lug overlap reduce tyre wear when driving on the road while increasing driving comfort - an important benefit for farmers who rely on fast, heavy tractors to travel between widely spaced fields.

In addition to the Maxi Traction 65 and the Performer 95, Firestone will also be represented by the Duraforce UT at the trade fair in Hanover. This was developed for rear-end, wheeled, compact and telescopic loaders and has excellent lateral stability. With its resistance to cuts and punctures, it offers the best grip on hard surfaces, a uniform profile wear and long life.

Firestone is a leading manufacturer of agricultural tyres with a strong position in the European market. The brand belongs to the Bridgestone Group.

Bridgestone at Agritechnica 2017

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¹ Based on 2016 tyre sales. Source: Tire Business 2017 – Global Tire Company Rankings.
² Compared to conventional standard tyres at the tyre pressure recommended by Bridgestone (e.g. 900/60R32 standard technology compared to IF900/60R32 CFO VT-Combine).