Bridgestone Named to the CDP’s Water “A” List

Oct, 23 2017

Bridgestone Named to the CDP’s Water “A” List

Recognized as Global Leader in Sustainable Water.

Tokyo (October 24, 2017) - Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) today announced that it has been identified as a global leader in sustainable water management and has been named to this year’s Water A List by CDP, the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform*1. While more than 700 companies were assessed by CDP, and Bridgestone was among the 73 companies named to the A List. 

The Bridgestone Group has focused on the “Environment,” in addition to People and Mobility, as one of its Priority Areas for achieving the next stage of sustainable growth. The Group has set a long-term environmental vision for the year 2050 and beyond for realizing a sustainable society. This vision aims to strike a Group-wide balance between business operations and environmental protection. 

The Group’s efforts focused on water resources include employing cooling water and steam in the production process. Continued use of such water resources’ processes is a current production requirement that aligns with continuation of business for the Group. The Group has established a target of reducing water intake at 35% per unit*2 by 2020 throughout the Group, based on 2005 levels. As of 2016, the Group has achieved a 28.5% reduction. The Group has also been implementing water risk assessment and risk reduction in its production facilities, and cooperating with business partners for sustainable use of water resources. These efforts led to its inclusion in the CDP’s Water 2017 A List. For more details, please read the Group’s Sustainability Report. 


*1 CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, is an international nongovernmental organization based in the United Kingdom that collects and discloses environmental information related to companies and cities. Acting as a representative for institutional investors across the globe, CDP encourages major companies worldwide to disclose information regarding climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, water management, and other environmental concerns and also investigates and evaluates such companies. 

*2 Bridgestone manages water intake by unit of production volume and net sales for each business. A weighted average efficiency of the reduction rate is used as an index. 

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