Bridgestone reaches out to bikers with inspirational stories

May, 23 2017

Bridgestone reaches out to bikers with inspirational stories

Bridgestone has created a broad online platform to share with bikers and fans memorable stories about its motorcycle tyres, the places they take their riders and the adventure of their experiences. 

Anchored on the dedicated website, content is shareable across a range of social media in text, video and audio - the media landscape that bikers ride 24/7. 

The ‘gripping stories’ platform presents both Bridgestone news and riders’ experiences in real-life close-up style. 

“Bridgestone’s motorcycle division wants every rider to feel safe and have fun wherever they go – and we want to hear all about the adventure, and share it with other bikers. That’s the idea behind ‘gripping stories’. We want to meet riders there, as well as on the road” explains Nico Thuy, Head of Europe - Motorcycle at Bridgestone Europe. 

Behind the scenes at Le Mans 

One of the first Bridgestone stories is ‘The Long Run’: a 5-episode video series on the YART Yamaha Official EWC Team now racing in the endurance world championship on 

Bridgestone tyres (“Not only a factory team, also a family and an asylum for crazy motorcycling maniacs” admits Mandy Kainz, YART team manager). 

Episode 2 released on 12 May takes us behind the scenes of the world’s greatest endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Moto, which ran on 15/16 April this year. 

For more stories from Bridgestone, such as the Saroléa partnership where electricity meets internal combustion, or to share bikers’ experiences (Adventure riding through Wales: why head south when just north of here you can take on twisty mountain roads?) …we invite you to share all the stories on 

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