Bridgestone shows its commitment to European Pact for Youth

Nov, 24 2016

Bridgestone shows its commitment to European Pact for Youth

Eduardo Minardi, Executive Chairman of Bridgestone EMEA, reiterated Bridgestone’s support for the European Pact for Youth at a meeting to mark the first anniversary of the programme, in Brussels on 24th November.

The meeting of European and business leaders was co-chaired by Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, and Viscount Etienne Davignon, Minister of State and President of CSR Europe, initiators of the programme.

The meeting published results and achievements of the first year’s activities, which included the creation of 15,000 business-education partnerships in Europe offering more than 84,000 apprenticeships, traineeships and entry-level jobs. Participants at the meeting committed to making business-education partnerships the “new normal” across Europe, both at an EU-level and nationally.

Mr Minardi, speaking after the meeting, stated that “At Bridgestone we are committed to making a continued contribution towards increasing youth training and inclusion in the work force. This includes more than 700 apprenticeships, traineeships and entry level jobs at our sales, retail, R&D and manufacturing sites across Europe under the Pact for Youth.

“Bridgestone will continue to develop this policy by cooperating with European schools and universities, and providing on-the-job training and work opportunities right across our field of activities – from tyre fitters in retail outlets to graduate engineers and chemists in our European Technical Centre near Rome.”