New Battlecruise H50 custom tyre

Oct, 05 2016

New Battlecruise H50 custom tyre - Specially created by Bridgestone to give you maximum pleasure on your American V-Twin

Specially created by Bridgestone to give you maximum pleasure on your American V-Twin.

It’s a fact – all owners of an American V-Twin are totally in love with their machine. The way it rides, the way it looks, how it sounds, how it’s built…because when everything under you is working together, it’s a feeling like no other. 

Bridgestone understands how you feel about your V-Twin. That’s why we’ve developed Battlecruise H50: a tyre designed with the single objective of giving you absolute pleasure from the moment you slip onto the saddle. 

Battlecruise H50 makes its world debut at Intermot 2016, fitted to a stunning Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight customised by Thunderbike – one of the kings of the custom business in Europe. 

What’s more this Harley is not just on display, it’s also on raffle. Visit the Bridgestone stand (Hall 7.1, Stand E030) for competition details! You could leave on the €15K bike and be the first to take Battlecruise H50 tyres onto the open road… 

Bridgestone’s top two-wheel tyre technologies 

Using the highest quality materials and Bridgestone’s advanced tyre development technologies, Battlecruise H50 lets you connect fully with the road, giving you smooth easy handling, great grip on wet and dry, and a long tread life.

To deliver on a promise as big as this, Bridgestone turned to its proprietary Ultimate-EYE (U-EYE) technology. U-EYE testing enables our engineers to see exactly how a tyre behaves in contact with the road, so that we can optimise the design. 

Specifically U-EYE gives us a very detailed picture of the contact patch, where rubber meets road, and the resulting pressure distribution at various speeds, loads and slip angles on wet and dry. Battlecruise H50 is only the second motorcycle tyre to benefit from U-EYE (Battlax Hypersport S21 was the first). 

Higher cornering power 

With H50 on the front, your heavy V-Twin needs only a light touch through the corners. Thanks to U-EYE, Battlecruise H50 puts a larger contact patch on the tarmac and creates more uniform contact-pressure distribution, for easier handling and more precise cornering. Bridgestone track testing shows that the force acting on the handlebar with Battlecruise H50 is much lower than with comparable tyresi. 

Long lasting 

V-Twin riders can also lay down the kilometres with H50; our goal is to give you a tyre with a much longer wear life than other big-name brandsii. To achieve this high mileage Bridgestone enlarged the crown profile of the rear tyre and developed a new tread compound. 

And while you are eating up the kilometres on those long trips, you can enjoy the sumptuous vibration damping and shock absorption of the H50, achieved by optimising the vertical stiffness of the front tyre, for a smooth easy ride. 

Battlecruise H50 will be waiting for you in quality tyre stores and Bikers Club outlets from January 2017 in four sizes, front and rear. Ask your dealer for the Bridgestone tyre made specially to give you maximum pleasure on your American V-Twin!