Fire up the Car-aoke at the Paris Motor Show 2016

Sep, 30 2016

Fire up the Car-aoke at the Paris Motor Show 2016

Firestone invites Paris Motor Show fans to put their singing voice to the test at the Firestone Car-aoke!

There’s nothing Firestone likes more than to combine music with being on the road, which is why the Firestone Music Tour sponsored the nine hottest music festivals across Europe this summer. 

Having travelled thousands of miles, including pit stops at the Download festival in the UK, Hurricane in Germany and Musilac in France, Firestone was inspired to research the differences in the way music lovers experience festivals. 

The study (of nearly 5,000 drivers across Europe) revealed that more than two in three European music lovers (77%), prefer to travel to a music festival by car. Spaniards are the most adventurous with nearly one in three (29%) travelling more than 450km to get to a festival – further than going to space and back and back again to space! 

A sneak peek inside car boots revealed that Italians never compromise on their appearance, being the most likely to pack make-up (11%), while feeling morning fresh was a top priority for Polish festival goers, naming a toothbrush as the most essential item (29%), followed by underwear (25%). 

Perhaps expecting a heatwave, the French say their sunglasses (33%) were twice as important as their underwear (16%), while Brits took freedom to a whole new level with just 11% planning to pack it at all! 

When they arrived at the music festival, fascinating differences in priorities came to light. Italians were most likely to drop their bags and hunt for food (31%), while Spaniards sought out the drinks (23%). The Poles (26%) and the French (26%) immediately followed the tunes, while the Brits (49%) and the Germans (41%) took a practical approach and pitched their tents. 

The big spenders by far were the Spanish, with nearly one in ten (9%) splashing over €800 on an average festival. While the thriftiest were the French, with 24% spending under €100, perhaps reflecting the fact that if going to a day festival, they are likely to take their own food and drink. 

How to take part in Car-aoke 

The fun continues at the Paris Motor Show, as Car-aoke participants at the Firestone stand (Stand 202, Hall 1) can sing along to their favourite road-trip tunes! Whether we discover some amazing hidden talents or witness some fabulous disasters, the bravery of all participants will be rewarded with a Firestone hat. Participants will also receive a link to a video of their performance by email. 


Firestone commissioned research amongst 4,800 drivers (from UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Poland) aged 18-50 who have been to a festival. The UK sample size was 819. The digital survey took place from 5th – 8th June 2016. Full statistics are available on request.