DriveGuard wins awards across borders!

Jun, 08 2016

Reifen Essen Industry Award

Bridgestone’s new DriveGuard tyre wins Reifen Essen Industry award and
Auto Express Product of the Year.

Bridgestone’s revolutionary DriveGuard tyre has received public acclaim by winning two awards in the course of the last month in Germany and the UK. 

On 23rd May, the Bridgestone DriveGuard received the REIFEN Essen 2016 Innovation Award in the category "Technology and Products". This was the 6th edition of the award which is judged by an independent panel of ten industry experts, including representatives of TÜV, DEKRA and GTÜ. Entries were reviewed based on sustainability, environmental awareness and innovation. 

This was followed by the Auto Express Product of the Year award for 2016 – an award that is all about innovation, and making a significant move in the market.. which is what Bridgestone DriveGuard has done! Auto Express is a UK-based weekly magazine with a circulation of over 45,000, making it one of the biggest selling and most influential motoring magazine in Britain. 

“Since its launch, we have claimed Bridgestone DriveGuard to be a game-changer for the end-user... and we are thrilled to see that this is being recognized by industry experts such as REIFEN Essen and Auto Week, from both a B2B and B2C perspective!” says Jake Rønsholt, Managing Director Consumer Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe. “This is a product that underwent extensive consumer research and testing prior to its launch to make sure it fit the needs of our customers, which we can proudly say has already been clearly confirmed by our first sales results!” 

What is Bridgestone DriveGuard? 

DriveGuard is Bridgestone’s new breakthrough for the end-user in terms of safety and peace of mind as it can sustain to virtually all types of tyre damages and can be fitted on most cars equipped with TPMS1. Furthermore, it offers no compromise in terms of comfort and boasts best in class performance and is an eco-conscious product by taking away the need for a spare tyre and being fully recyclable through the traditional channels. 

Bridgestone DriveGuard Winter was also launched to provide motorists with this safety solution year-round. 

Bridgestone DriveGuard is available in 9 Summer and 10 Winter sizes – from 185/65 R15 up to 225/40 R18. 

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