Dayton breaks through truck segment!

May, 23 2016

Delivering essential performance at the best price

Dayton is shaking up the budget truck tyre segment for good with a brand-new line-up of quality and good value truck tyres, available in the market since the end of last year. Promising “essential performance at the best price”, the Dayton truck tyre range comes with the quality guarantee of the Bridgestone group. Better still, and unlike some of its direct competitors, the Dayton line-up of steer, drive and trailer tyres is retreadable, making them even better value for money over the long run! 

European Quality 

Made in Europe and backed by the experience and expertise of Bridgestone, the world's largest tyre manufacturer, the Dayton range delivers consistent quality drivers and fleet managers need to get the job done safely and efficiently! That is what we mean by “essential performance”. 

Value for money 

The best price! That is what customers can expect from the all-new line-up of Dayton truck tyres. Calling on Bridgestone’s advanced production techniques and the logistical backbone of an experienced tyre manufacturer, Dayton is able to cut production costs to deliver made-in-Europe quality at a comparable price point as many of its imported counterparts. But with one important difference: unlike some of the low-cost alternatives, Dayton truck tyres are retreadable, which gives the casing an additional value and extends the tyres’ life! 

Bridgestone Partners: the exclusive suppliers 

As an added bonus, Dayton customers can profit from the expertise and knowhow of Bridgestone Partner, the independent network of truck tyre dealers, who are the exclusive suppliers of Dayton truck tyres in Europe. 


Dayton’s line-up consists of three tyres for the truck segment: the D500S steer tyre, the D600D drive tyre and the D400T trailer tyre. All three tyres work together to offer price-conscious customers and operators the performance they need to get the job done. 

D500S Steer 

Essential performance and nothing less! The Dayton D500S Steer tyre has what it takes to keep transport operators on the road and in the black. Drivers will love its easy manoeuvring and low-noise tread, while the tyre’s built-in stone ejectors and resistance to irregular wear add up to long tyre life. And thanks to its retreadability its quality casings will even go another round as well! 

D600D Drive 

The Dayton D600D Drive tyre is designed to handle well in wet conditions, give drivers grip when they need it most and a safe, comfortable ride throughout. M+S and 3-Peaks Alpine markings guarantee all-season performance, even on snow. Best of all, the casings are built tough so they can keep on performing, even after retreading! 

D400T Trailer 

Decent quality at the right price can be hard to beat. Which is why the Dayton D400T Trailer tyre is set to outrun the competition in this segment. This free-rolling tyre well and truly meets the standard for durable performance with its good resistance to irregular wear and is suited for retreading. 

Dayton D500S and D600D are available in sizes 315/80 R22.5, 295/80 R22.5 and 315/70 R22.5. In combination with the trailer tyre D400T in size 385/65 R22.5 the range covers most popular truck tyre sizes. 

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