Bridgestone driving into the future with e-Jobsheet

May, 24 2016

Bridgestone is promising to cut down on time, paper and general inconvenience by rolling out an industry defining reporting solution to its dealers for the first time

After officially unveiling Bridgestone’s link with e-Jobsheet - a digital tablet based work management system - at the 2014 Reifen Essen show, the world’s largest tyre manufacturer is now aligning its first Bridgestone Partner member with the technology. 

Bridgestone has worked with CAM International to assist in the creation of the tool, which is designed to reduce back-office data entry and Kingsway Tyres, a UK Bridgestone Partner, has become the first retail network to implement the ‘joined-up’ technology. 

e-Jobsheet promises to save time, improve data accuracy and more critically, provide a complete breakdown of the life of each and every tyre fitted. It provides dealers and fleets with significant service and efficiency benefits in an open and inclusive, yet structured and secured way. 

Bridgestone’s back office manager Mike Howling said the potential for the product was enormous and hopes other tyre manufacturers will follow Bridgestone’s lead.

“This is the first time a tyre manufacturer has linked e-Jobsheet to a dealer management system and now it is in place at Kingsway, it will be rolled out to other Bridgestone Partners. The offering sits within our Total Tyre Care package of fleet support and not only benefits the dealer, but the fleet as well.” 

The device replaces more antiquated, paper-based methods of reporting with a digital tablet-driven, cloudbased mobile data exchange, which provides full details of each and every tyre manufactured by Bridgestone – from the moment it is fitted right through to its end of life, including any retreading processes. 

It does away with the laborious process of a fitter filling in a sheet, passing it to a depot administrator, only for them to then upload it to Bridgestone’s reporting system at a later date. 

Instead, the fitter would upload the information to a tablet, thus creating clean, paperless data and real-time information for fleets. 

Mike added: “By working with CAM International on this open platform, we can offer fleets improved visibility of their work and a substantial reduction in ‘double-keying’ and other administrative effects, historically common to orchestrating job authorisation, service billing and payment collection between parties. 

“We are proud to be the first tyre manufacturer to partner with CAM and we think that e-Jobsheet is a unique platform that will save time - and ultimately money – for dealers fleets.” 

e-Jobsheet reinforces Bridgestone’s tailored package of tyre support under its Total Tyre Care banner, which allows businesses to keep tight control over their tyre-related costs.