Bridgestone and Bandag launch BASys

May, 24 2016

An integrated solution to help fleets and tyre dealers manage their casing assets and reduce tyre related costs

Bridgestone and its Bandag brand have introduced BASys across Europe: a platform that tracks and manages casings for retreading. 

By integrating a range of functionalities from collecting casings from the fleet through to delivery of the retreaded tyre, BASys helps fleet customers to use their casings more efficiently and reduce their overall tyre costs. 

“BASys gives our fleet customers full online visibility on how their casing assets are managed. This allows them, to take better decisions on tyre and retread policy, a key element of the Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Care programme” says Steven De Bock, Director Truck & Bus, Commercial Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe. 

End to end solution with actionable reporting 

The state-of-the-art platform integrates the casing management process with a series of Apps. 

The BASys Casing Collection App records data of the casings collected from the fleets or tyre dealers. 

The BASys Manufacturing App allows the Bandag franchise dealer to follow the casings through each retread production stage, allowing optimized management of production quality and cost efficiency. 

Thirdly, the BASys Back Office App gives fleet customers full visibility with actionable reporting on parameters such as casing acceptance rates (with pictures of rejected casings), average number of repairs needed and number of life cycles of their casings. This enables fleet customers to make better decisions on the use of their casings, helping to optimise costs over the whole tyre lifecycle. 

For maximum user efficiency, BASys features a user-friendly touch screen interface and barcode scanning. 

Apps are available for Windows 10 and Google Android (5.0 and above) mobile operating systems, managed on the Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platform. The system uses local languages of all European countries. 

Bridgestone developed BASys to better integrate the Bandag retread solution within the overall Total Tyre Care fleet offering. It will facilitate Bridgestone and Bandag fleet customers to reduce tyre purchase costs with less effort and maximum transparency.