Japanese team F.C.C. TSR Honda rides to the podium on Bridgestone race tyres at the Le Mans 24 Hours Moto

Apr, 11 2016

Bridgestone supplied Japanese team F.C.C. TSR Honda with racing spec tyres at the Le Mans 24h Moto which took place last week-end.

With 808 laps run, the Japanese team achieved the third step of the podium during their very first participation in the Le Mans 24h Moto... just 2 laps behind the second place team.

“It is very impressive for a team participating for the first time in the Le Mans 24h race to achieve a podium... and we are very proud Bridgestone could help them do it! This is a great way for us to keep a foot in motorsports and test the performance of our tyres to the limit” said Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle department at Bridgestone Europe.

Bridgestone also supplied three French teams1 with regular off-the-shelf Battlax tyres: the Battlax VO2 slicks and Battlax W01 rain tyres. These race tyres are identical to those sold through regular dealer channels to weekend race enthusiasts and other members of the general public. Bridgestone also provided them with on-the-spot technical support including 3 tyre mounters, an advisor and an engineer.

To see the detailed results of the race, visit the Le Mans 24h Moto website

1 Team FALCON RACING - Kawasaki ZX-10R (N°21), Team 24RACING - BMW S 1000 RR (N°42), Team MONGORE 13 - Aprilia RSV4 (N°71)

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