Bridgestone follows On/Off operators with new, durable truck tyre range

Mar, 10 2016

Introducing the high-performance, high-mileage M-STEER 001, M-DRIVE 001 and M-TRAILER 001 by Bridgestone

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer and producer of high-performance tyres for the construction, civil engineering and transport industries is proud to unveil its latest range of On/Off tyres delivering outstanding performance, durability and mileage. In short, the newly developed Bridgestone M-STEER 001, M-DRIVE 001 and M-TRAILER 001 are built to get the job done, whatever the terrain, whatever the conditions, both on and off the road. 

Extreme durability, extreme efficiency to meet today’s industry requirements 

Bridgestone’s newest line-up of On/Off tyres have the durability to perform in a wide variety of surface conditions from asphalt and gravel to sand and mud, while demonstrating a high resistance to cutting, chipping and other forms of accidental damage. Bridgestone’s new On/Off range delivers also excellent mileage as well as great traction and grip. This is key to meet the challenges of today’s operators, who drive more and more in mild and medium On/Off conditions such as those in construction and excavation works. 

Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Truck & Bus Tyres Category Management at Bridgestone: “We are extremely proud of the new Bridgestone On/Off range. With their excellent mileage and enhanced durability, they not only deliver the performance you need when you need it most. They do so for even longer than ever before!” 

The new On/Off truck tyre range will be available as from April 2016 in sizes 315/80R22.5 for steer, 13R22.5 & 315/80R22.5 for drive and 385/65R22.5 for trailer axels, covering most common tyre sizes. Size 295/80R22.5 for steer and drive axels will be added to the offering later in the year. 

Long tyre life, less downtime 

Incorporating the most advanced On/Off technologies and designed, developed and tested by Bridgestone, the M-STEER 001, M-DRIVE 001 and M-TRAILER 001 tyres are built to go the distance, with some operators already reporting an increased mileage of 20%i vs. the previous Bridgestone range. This advanced engineering also results in extreme durability, which means less downtime, helping operators lower their daily costs and sharpen their competitiveness while safeguarding the continuity of their business. 

Bridgestone is also dedicated to enhancing the driver’s safety. That’s why the new On/Off range is also M+S and Alpine symbol marked, and thus designed for normal and severe winter conditions, ensuring a good driving performance. 

Total Tyre Life by Bridgestone 

Bridgestone’s latest On/Off tyres are not only built to last, their advanced casing design makes them a perfect match for Bandag’s premium range of retreads for On/Off applications. Additionally, the new Bandag M-DRIVE 001 and Bandag M-TRAILER 001 will be available from end 2016, extending the performance and lowering the total cost per km of operators’ tyres even further! 

As the world’s number 1 tyre and rubber manufacturer, Bridgestone is committed to developing new technologies that focus on the “big picture” for transport operators: by producing premium truck tyres that deliver superior safety, performance and durability, and combining them with Bandag retreads to extend the tyre’s life, Bridgestone helps fleet managers secure the continuity of their operations while saving money on the total cost per km of their tyres. This is Total Tyre Life by Bridgestone! 

For a combination of M-STEER 001 and M-DRIVE 001

Media information: G. Meylemans: +32 2 714 68 40