Bandag takes fleets further

Mar, 11 2016

Introducing the premium Bandag BRR-UWB tread for ultra wide base vehicles

Bandag, the world’s leading retread brand of premium-quality retreads is pleased to announce the introduction of a low-profile retread for ultra-wide-base mega trailers in Europe: the Bandag Rib Regional - Ultra Wide Base. This advanced tread offers fleet owners the benefits of long wear life, excellent fuel economy and outstanding wet-weather safety to name but a few. The resulting high mileage and minimum downtime add up to a very low total tyre cost per km, helping operators get more out of their valuable casings and more out of their business. 

Based on its already proven long life, high wear resistance and low rolling resistance, the Bandag BRR-UWB, now also enables European fleet operators to meet the challenges of regional transport while getting the most out of their valuable casings. 

Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Truck & Bus Tyres Category Management: “Changing payloads, short turns, unpredictable surface conditions… regional transport poses a whole host of challenges for drivers and fleet managers alike. Which is why Bandag developed the BRR-UWB retread. To capitalise on the excellent performance, reliability, durability and wear resistance of ultra-wide-base trailer tyres and extend their life even further thanks to Bandag’s world-leading retread process.” 

Application-specific by Bandag 

As a “Bandag Application-Specific” tread, the BRR-UWB’s unique pattern and compound are extremely well suited for use on mega trailers in the regional transport sector. However, this hard-wearing tread can also be used on the drive axle of urban operators including e.g. city busses protecting fleet owners’ valuable casings against the challenges of urban driving. 

Advanced technology 

The advanced tread pattern of the Bandag BRR-UWB retread combines a lower tread depth for reduce rolling resistance and fuel consumption with a straight groove design that clears water efficiently and effectively for safer wet-weather performance. As such, the Bandag BRR-UWB is the best solution to extend the performance and wear life of ultra-wide-base tyres while still delivering the same or even higher levels of safety and fuel economy. Best of all, the tread’s flat design means it adapts easily to a wide variety of casing widths. 

Total Tyre Life 

Designed to extend the life and performance of low-profile, single fitment tyres for ultra-wide-base mega trailers, the Bandag BRR-UWB tread forms part of premium tyre manufacturer Bridgestone’s “Total Tyre Life”, helping operators boost the performance and lower the total cost of their tyres throughout the entire lifecycle. 

The Bandag BRR-UWB tread will be available for fitment on Bridgestone and other premium tyre casings in sizes 445/45R19.5, 455/50R22.5 and 435/45R22.5. 

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