Change to winter time... Change to winter tyres!

Oct, 30 2015

As Europe switched to winter time, now is the moment to switch to winter tyres. That’s the recommendation from Bridgestone, the world’s n° 1 tyre and rubber manufacturer.

Ready for anything

Putting back the clocks on 25th October was a timely reminder to also put back your winter tyres! High ground in Europe has already had its first blanket of snow and recent years have taught us that European winters are anything but predictable.

So now is the ideal time to get ready for whatever this winter will throw at us – from storms, rain and slippery wet leaves to the first ice and snow of the season. And by switching now, you’ll avoid the rush and crush at your tyre dealer when the first flakes fall.

Winter tyres are safer

Why are more and more motorists switching to winter tyres? It’s because rubber goes hard and loses flexibility in lower temperatures, and your normal summer tyres don’t grip as well in the cold. Less grip means you have less control and can’t stop as quickly, creating a bigger risk of accidents.

We’re not just talking here about ice and snow – winter tyres grip better than summer tyres in all colder conditions, including rain and slush. And remember, buying a second set of tyres doesn’t double the cost: your summer tyres will last much longer because they’re resting quietly and not wearing down when you’re driving on your winter set.

To see how much more grip and safety you get with winter tyres, watch our YouTube Channel... you’ll be surprised!

Growing number of users*

Driven by changes to national regulations aimed at improving road safety, the use of winter tyres is growing fast in Europe. 92% of Polish motorists and 88% of Germans now switch to winter tyres, with Italy at 49% and France at 23%. In the UK only 8% make the change. Naturally, there are big regional differences in all countries, depending on local climatic conditions, urbanisation and altitude. In the Netherlands for example, while 45% of motorists switch to winter tyres, this figure climbs to 61% in the north of the country and falls to 38% in the capital, Amsterdam**.

Full range of Bridgestone winter tyres

Bridgestone has invested heavily in winter tyre materials and tread technology in Europe, including a proving ground in northern Sweden, and has developed a full range of winter tyres for all types of cars and conditions. Backed by strong results in Europe’s top independent tyre tests over the last couple of years, Bridgestone’s top sellers include the award-winning Blizzak LM001 for saloons and Blizzak LM-80 Evo for SUVs, closely followed by Firestone’s flagship winter tyre in the mid-price tyre segment, Winterhawk 3.

Winter tips
For safe, worry-free winter driving, Bridgestone suggests you prepare for the cold by remembering the four B’s: Battery-Brakes-Blades-Blizzaks!

  • Battery: Your vehicle’s battery can lose more than 50% of its power when the temperature falls below zero. Be sure to have it tested before cold weather arrives. 
  • Brakes: Brakes are important all the time, but even more so as road conditions deteriorate. Have your brake system inspected by a qualified technician this autumn.
  • Blades: Check that your windscreen wiper blades work efficiently and consider replacing with more rugged ones in colder climates. Keep the wiper fluid with anti-freeze topped up throughout the winter.
  • Blizzaks: Fit a set of Blizzak winter tyres from Bridgestone. Winter tyres give you more traction, safer braking and better handling. 

Check out our "Winter Car Care"!

*IPSOS survey carried out for Bridgestone in 2014 in 6 countries on an overall sample of 7806 private car owners. 

**iVox survey carried out for Bridgestone in 2015 in Benelux.