All-electric Saroléa superbike now on the road

Oct, 12 2015

In September 2015 the carbon-fibre zero-emissions Saroléa Manx 7 superbike, equipped with Bridgestone Battlax RS 10 sport radials, was homologated in the Isle of Man for public road use. 

The Saroléa journey towards sustainable motorcycling has just turned a decisive corner. The all-electric Saroléa is now officially up and running on our streets! 

Saroléa now plans to develop and manufacture high-performance street-legal electric motorcycles in limited editions on the Isle of Man – bringing the era of sustainable electric-powered motorcycling a giant step closer. 

From race to road 

The Saroléa Manx 7 street bike is directly derived from the Saroléa SP7 which competed in the Isle of Man TT Zero races in 2014 and 2015. Racing on Bridgestone Battlax VO2 slicks, the Saroléa narrowly missed a podium finish this year after completing the legendary 60-kilometre TT course at an average speed of more than 170 km/h. 

Towards sustainable biking 

Bridgestone, the world’s number one tyre and rubber manufacturer, formed a technical partnership with Saroléa in 2014, providing technical support and tyre expertise for Saroléa track and road ambitions. 

The partnership is seeded from Bridgestone’s commitment to a future with sustainable mobility. This is underpinned by the Corporation’s long-term environmental vision which focuses on ecological conservation, resource conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions. 

Jake Rønsholt, Managing Director Consumer Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe explains: “This partnership has given Bridgestone a unique opportunity to combine our MotoGPTM experience with our vision of sustainable mobility. The Saroléa superbike is blazing a trail for a future of electric motorcycling, on and off the track.”