Rocking the road!

Sep, 21 2015

Firestone, the tyre brand with over 100 years of heritage, turned up the heat at some of Europe’s hottest festivals this summer with the Firestone Music Tour. As a key sponsor of music festivals in Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Italy and the UK, Firestone reasserted its presence on the European market as a dynamic, energetic and above all cool brand for the young and young at heart. 

A brand with attitude 

Firestone is all about living life to the fullest and exploring new places, new experiences and new emotions. The Firestone Music Tour builds on that spirit of freedom by appealing to people who like to explore new opportunities and who, when it comes to driving, are looking to make smart choices backed by the assurance of a solid brand with a long tradition of innovation and quality. 

A successful premiere 

So far in its first edition, the Firestone Music Tour has reached out to over 500.000 people across Europe at major music festivals which are set in 6 countries around Europe: Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Italy and the UK. 

For each festival, a duo of Firestone roadies selected via an online contest were on hand at an elaborate stand, while organising special attractions and extra activities both inside the festival grounds and in car parks and campsites outside it.
A pan-European social media campaign and special promotional events in local markets also supported the activation of the brand across the festivals. Initiatives such as the Firestone Selfie-Stick teams had teams of hosts and hostesses take selfies with thousands of festival-goers throughout the Firestone Music Tour helping to significantly boost the brand’s social media presence! 

Young at heart 

The Firestone Music Tour aims to boost the visibility of the brand amongst a target group who identify with the brand’s values and heritage, while at the same time, linking the brand to a totally cool music experience. 

Music has the power to cut through social and cultural boundaries and tap directly into people’s emotions. By linking the brand to these universal, positive values, Firestone wants to strengthen its brand identity, enhance brand loyalty and potentially reach new, previously untapped sections of the market. 

Rekindling a legend 

The Firestone brand is legendary in the USA where it was born over a century ago and boasts an impressive list of achievements both on and off the race track. Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer who acquired the Firestone brand in 1988, is working hard to spread the word in Europe with initiatives in the domains of both product development and marketing. In other words, the Firestone Music Tour is just a small part of a wide-ranging offensive aimed at revitalising a brand that boasts over 100 years of innovation and quality. 

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