Bandag makes "Perfect City Match"

Sep, 06 2015

 Introducing the all-new U-AP 001 Urban All Position Tread by Bandag 

Hard on the heels of the Bridgestone U-AP 001 launched in 2014, the all-new Bandag U-AP 001 urban all-position tread signals the arrival of a new benchmark in urban retreads, promising the “Perfect City Match” and a reduced total cost per km for city-based operators. Built with city buses and waste-collection vehicles in mind, the Bandag U-AP 001 delivers impressive mileage performance, all-season safety (M+S marking) and outstanding resistance to irregular wear to help fleet owners get the most out of their tyres and their business on city roads. As such, this new standard in retreads fits perfectly within Bridgestone and Bandag’s joint Total Tyre Life strategy. 

Built to last 

Nobody knows the challenges of urban driving like Bridgestone and Bandag. Which is why the new Bandag U-AP 001 urban all-position tread is built to meet the challenges of divergent road surfaces, short and sharp turns, unpredictable payloads and constant stop-and-start driving while still offering excellent comfort, safety and - above all - mileage! In fact, the Bandag U-AP 001 performs for up to 25% longer , adding up to considering savings on both replacement and operation costs. 

Built to perform 

The Bandag U-AP 001, however, is not only built to perform longer but also to perform better! Incorporating the latest premium tread technology, such as Bridgestone’s “Dual Sipe” design, these state-of-the-art retreads offer excellent handling in all road and weather conditions drivers are likely to encounter in the urban environment. Which includes excellent traction on wet and wintery roads, as attested by the M+S marking. The new pattern also reduces the risk of stone retention while minimising wear and tear and extending the life of the tyre(1). 

Built to save you money 

Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Truck & Bus Tyres Category Management: “We are very excited by the launch of the Bandag U-AP 001. In fact, we were already aware of the huge potential of this new pattern in terms of our Total Tyre Life solution with the launch of the Bridgestone U-AP 001 tyre last year. Big improvements in mileage1, coupled with Bridgestone’s renowned safety and driver comfort add up to equally big savings for businesses on the total cost per km of their tyres. Greater mileage means reduced replacement costs, reduced rolling resistance means less fuel, while premium safety and 

performance ensure operational continuity and less downtime. In short, Bandag offers competitive performance on all fronts, so our customers can sharpen their own competitive edge.” 

Total Tyre Life 

The Bandag U-AP 001 retread fits seamlessly within Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Life: designed to help fleet operators maximise their return on investment and lower the total cost per km, Total Tyre Life matches premium quality tyres, robust casings and first-class retreads that take your tyres and your business further. For more information, visit: 

While the new Bandag U-AP 001 retreads make an excellent fit with the corresponding Bridgestone U-AP 001, they can also be used to upgrade other branded casings as well in sizes 245/70R19.5, 265/70R19.5, 305/70R19.5, 11R22.5, 12R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 275/70R22.5, and 305/70R22.5. 

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