Electric cars drive through Europe on Bridgestone tyres

Jun, 03 2015

On 9 May, the participants of eTourEurope started their electric motors in Munich and went on a grand tour through Europe for the second time. Also for the second time, Bridgestone was supporting the teams as the exclusive tyre sponsor of the rally. With an average daily stage of 450 km and a total distance of more than 4,000 km, eTourEurope is the most challenging electric rally in Europe, demanding top performance from man and machine – meaning that reliable tyres are indispensable. 

The 12 participating teams were able to use the entire Bridgestone product range as part of the sponsorship. Among others, one team is on its way in a BMW i3 driving on innovative Ecopia EP500 ologic Bridgestone tyres. Not only a new tyre, but also a completely new tyre concept was needed to do justice to the efficiency and performance of these revolutionary electric cars. Bridgestone’s answer for the exclusive original equipment was "ologic technology", which uses the synergies of a large diameter in conjunction with a smaller width. The result is a tyre with significant improvements in aerodynamics and rolling resistance, which at the same time offers optimal grip in wet conditions.

eTourEurope with an extensive framework programme 

At each of the eTourEurope stage stops, events were held where the participating vehicles were exhibited for the general public. The practicality of electric mobility, even over long distances, was explained and people were made aware of the need for an extensive charging infrastructure. Rallies were also held in a few places along the way, at which as many electric cars as possible from the respective regions took to the road to meet the eTourEurope stage targets. Thus, a total of 754 electric vehicles were mobilized to draw attention to the growing number and increasing relevance of cars with alternative engines. 

More information on eTourEurope is available at http://www.etoureurope.eu/