Bridgestone Group Awards 2015

Apr, 14 2015

Tokyo (March 30, 2015) ― Bridgestone Corporation announced today that the “Bridgestone Group Awards 2015” were held on March 27.

The purpose of the Bridgestone Group Awards is to increase employee awareness of corporate activities based on the Bridgestone Corporate Philosophy, as well as foster a sense of unity among the Group employees. This recognition program is open to all employees and organizations of the Group Companies in global, and has been held every year since 2008. The awards play an important role in working toward achieving the Group’s ultimate goals of becoming a truly global company and “Dan-Totsu” – the absolute and clear leader – in all aspects of our businesses.

The awards fall into 4 categories: “Achievement,” “Contributions to Society,” “Environmental Excellence,” and “Safety & Disaster Prevention.” Among all the various activities conducted by employees and organizations of the Group, the following five activities were selected for recognition this year.

Achievement: 2 awards

1. Recognized Activity: 
Expanding Sales of Tires with Run-Flat Technology (RFT) in Replacement Tires Market by the Development of “DriveGuard” Tires 

Tires with Run-Flat Technology (run-flat tires) give the drivers the ability to continue driving up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) at a speed of up to 80 km/h (50mph) so drivers can travel to a safe place even after the air pressure of the tire reaches zero. Until recently, vehicles that could be mounted with run-flat tires were generally limited to those vehicles that were originally equipped with run-flat tires, due to technological circumstances. However, in order for a larger amount of people to be able to use run-flat tires, tire R&D divisions and marketing divisions of the Group companies cooperated globally. As a result, they succeeded in commercializing “DriveGuard,” a full line of RFT-equipped replacement tires that can be mounted on coupes, sedans and wagons not originally equipped with run-flat technology.

2. Recognized Activity:
Customer and Market Research Activities and New Management Structures for New Global Original Equipment Tire Sales Strategy 

In order to optimize the passenger car tire business, primarily the original equipment tire business, a management structure was developed to allow for global cooperation between sales divisions, marketing divisions, and tire development and manufacturer divisions of the Group companies. Thanks to this structure, the Group strengthened its original equipment tire business and improved its corporate brand value.

Contributions to Society: 1 Award

Recognized Activity:
Volunteerism and Donation Campaigns 

Bridgestone Precision Molding Philippines, Inc. (BPMP) is a Group company that engages in the chemical and industrial products business. Since the typhoon that caused tremendous damage to the Philippines in 2009, BPMP has realized the necessity of assistance activities for victims of natural disasters, and has been continuously carrying out donation and volunteer activities.

Environment Excellence: 1 Award

Recognized Activity:

Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC (BSRO), a Group company, conducts automotive tire sales and provides automotive maintenance and repair services in North America. Since 2012, BSRO has been engaged in tire recycling activities, known as the “Tires4ward” program. The “Tires4ward” program aims to ensure that for every tire BSRO sells in the U.S., one spent tire, a tire that has been taken out of use, goes to another valuable purpose. Thought the “Tires4ward” Program, BSRO also supports activities to clean up spent tires recovered from streams, waterways and communities around its stores located across in the U.S.

Safety & Disaster Prevention: 1 Award

Recognized Activity:
Firestone Liberia Ebola Preparedness, Prevention and Treatment 

Firestone Natural Rubber Company, LCC (FSNR), a Group company that manages a natural rubber farm in Liberia, formed an Ebola Response Leadership Team to fight against the Ebola outbreak there. The team has been working to protect the safety and well-being of nearly 80,000 Firestone Liberia employees and their dependents, as well as residents of non-concession areas within the borders of FSNR. In addition, FSNR also is working with local government and health officials to help curb the spread of the disease throughout the country.

More details of this year’s awards will be introduced in the 2015 CSR Report, scheduled to be published in June.