Bridgestone premium VT-TRACTOR tyres: for more efficient and sustainable agriculture

Feb, 01 2015

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, entered the European agricultural tyre market for the first time in 2014. It did so with VT-TRACTOR, Bridgestone’s flagship agricultural tyre specially designed to help farmers boost productivity and yield, while at the same time protect their precious soil for the future.

With its “very high flexion” (VF) construction and advanced tread design, the Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR tyre, compared to standard tyres, can operate at lower inflation pressures, with larger footprints, helping farmers to harvest greater yields, work faster, carry heavier loads and consume less fuel – all while protecting the soil.

Lothar Schmitt, Director Agricultural and Off-the-Road tyres, Bridgestone Europe, explains Bridgestone’s entry into the European agricultural market: “The philosophy behind Bridgestone’s new premium agricultural tyre range is about striking the perfect balance between farming efficiency and environmental care. The ‘Soil Care by Bridgestone’ label is the guarantee of tyres that enable farmers to work more efficiently and at the same time more sustainably. That is how we help farmers deliver higher yields and greater productivity, now and in the future.”

Higher yield with less soil compaction

Thanks to its special bead profile, Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR allows greater flexing at lower inflation pressures than standard and “improved flexion” (IF) tyres. This very-high flexion (VF) at lower operating pressure (0.8 bar) leaves a footprint up to 26% larger than key competitors*, reducing soil compaction and helping to increase harvest yield, year after year.

Superior traction for increased productivity

Bridgestone applied a new lug design to VT-TRACTOR which minimizes slip and soil disturbance, providing superior traction and thus a faster work rate in the field. Bridgestone tests** show that farmers driving on VT-TRACTOR tyres can cover up to almost a full hectare a day compared to other key players in the market. 

Lower operating costs

This superior traction reduces operating costs further through fuel savings in the field. Compared to competitors’ tyres operating at 1.0 bar pressure, the Bridgestone VF tyre at 0.8 bar pressure brings fuel savings of up to 36 litres / 50 hectares worked***.

Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR can also carry loads up to 40% heavier than standard tyres, at the same speed. This means fewer transport cycles on the road, leading to further reductions in operating costs.

More efficiencies

With Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR, farmers also save time because they don’t have to stop and change tyre pressure when moving from the field to the road and back. In addition, VT- TRACTOR tyres make vehicle handling easier and more comfortable – important bonuses in a long, hard day’s work. The more flexible sidewall design absorbs road surface bumps, while the pattern’s longer lugs offer a smoother drive.

The new Bridgestone range targets the growing high-end agricultural tyre segment, catering for large- scale farmers and operators using the latest high-speed vehicles. VT-TRACTOR tyres are now available across Europe in 28- to 42-inch sizes.

Bridgestone, the world leader in agricultural tyres

For decades, Bridgestone has remained at the forefront of the agricultural tyres segment through its legendary Firestone brand. Thanks to this long history and its powerful legacy, Firestone is the world's leading brand of agricultural tyres with a strong presence in Europe. The recent Firestone range upgrades and expansion allow Bridgestone to now cover about 95% of the current market demand for tractor tyres. The new Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR will complete the needs of the high-end agricultural tyre segment.