New Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T30 EVO

Oct, 03 2014

The ultimate combination of comfortable touring and sporty handling

Bridgestone has upgraded the wet performance of the Battlax T30 to provide a sport touring radial that delivers the ultimate combination of peace of mind, performance, versatility and excitement: Battlax Sport Touring T30 EVO. Thanks to Bridgestone’s latest compound and tread design technologies, this has been achieved without sacrificing T30’s renowned dry-condition performance.

The T30 EVO has been developed in response to the growing number of motorcyclists who want a touring tyre that offers them the peace of mind of consistent and comfortable performance on wet and dry surfaces – yet still gives them plenty of sporty handling and fun. The technical aim for Bridgestone was therefore to maintain T30’s superb dry performance while upgrading its wet performance.

New compounds improve wet safety

Wet performance has been transformed by the development of new-formula compounds that increase friction on wet surfaces. A modified compound applied to the front tyre in combination with a newly-developed compound on the centre strip of the rear tyre improve wet performance without sacrificing dry performance, and over a wider temperature operating range, as well as provide more stability, particularly for heavy-loaded touring bikes.

Test data from Bridgestone proving grounds and laboratories(1) show that the new Battlax T30 EVO provides up to 20% more grip, slide control and traction on wet surfaces than the current T30, giving riders shorter braking distances and a greater feeling of control.

Reengineered tread patterns

The other part of the equation is the T30 EVO tread design. Here, the rear pattern has been reengineered with sub-grooves extending to the centre strip which increases water channelling away from the contact patch, giving riders more secure traction in wet conditions. At the same time, the curved grooves have been moved outwards to create a rib along the centre strip, adding stiffness to the tread for stability when accelerating. This change also increases the size of the contact area with the lean angle, adding more grip and enabling the rider to corner in  greater safety.

“With our new Battlax T30 EVO, Bridgestone is able to offer touring enthusiasts a superior combination of sporty dry handling and reassurance in the wet” says Jake Rønsholt, Managing Director Consumer Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe.

The new Battlax T30 EVO will be introduced progressively across Europe from February 2015 in front tyre size 120/70ZR17 and rear sizes 180/55ZR17 and 160/60ZR17.

(1) Test conditions: Bridgestone Proving Ground. Vehicle: Suzuki GSF and Tricycle test vehicle. Sizes: 1250S 120/70ZR17M/C, 180/55ZR17M/C.