Bridgestone continues to cut total cost per km with “Total Tyre Life”

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Visitors to the Bridgestone booth at the upcoming 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 in Hannover will experience much more than just the latest generation of premium tyres from the world’s number 1 tyre and rubber manufacturer.

For they will also be able to witness first-hand how the combination of new, high-performance Bridgestone tyres and state-of-the-art Bandag retreads combine to offer fleet owners a significantly reduced total cost per km over the entire lifecycle of their tyres. What visitors will see, in other words, is more than just tyres but a Total Tyre Life strategy designed to boost operational efficiency and return on investment, whatever the size or nature of their business.

The key ingredients of Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Life programme will be on display throughout Bridgestone’s 300m², two-level stand in Hall 16, Stand C01. The flagship range of new Bridgestone tyres and premium Bandag retreads on display will cover the entire spectrum from regional to highway and urban use, maximising fleet performance and return on investment in a variety of roads and usage conditions.

The Regional range: offering maximum versatility, durability and low cost/km
On display: Bridgestone R-DRIVE 001 and Bandag R-DRIVE 001

Bridgestone’s new generation regional tyres (R-STEER 001 and R-DRIVE 001) will introduce visitors to the advantages of reliable, robust and long-lasting casings; the firm foundation for a long tyre life. Together with Bandag’s new R-DRIVE 001 retreads, the lifespan of the tyres is extended to reduce the overall cost per kilometre, the cornerstone of Total Tyre Life by Bridgestone.

Bridgestone’s flagship range of new and retread regional tyres have been developed to deliver excellent performance on a wide range of surfaces, ranging from highway driving to light on- and off-road usage. They are also suitable for use in a broad range of conditions, including mud and fresh or melting snow, offering enhanced driving performance in comparison with standard tyres.

The new regional range is available in sizes 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5 and 315/70R22.5 plus 385/65R22.5 for R-STEER 001. Bandag R-DRIVE 001 will be available from January 2015 in sizes 260 and 270.

The Highway range: delivering new, fuel-efficient tyres and retreads
On display: Bridgestone ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 and Bandag M749 FuelTech®

Fuel is one of the largest operating expenses of any fleet, accounting for around 25-30% of all fleet-related costs. Maximising fuel economy and efficiency has therefore become imperative, especially for advanced, fuel-conscious long-haul operators. Bridgestone’s response to the needs of these customers comes in the form of ECOPIA, a full range of premium, fuel-efficient new tyres. Together with the Bandag FuelTech® line, the next generation of fuel-smart retreads, ECOPIA tyres maximize the fuel-saving effect and deliver additional eco-friendly benefits. Indeed, Bandag retreads deliver an average 30% lower cost per kilometre and require about 70% less raw materials to manufacture than new tyres, drastically reducing CO2 emissions during production.

Bridgestone’s ECOPIA range of new tyres together with Bandag FuelTech® retreads give fleet operators a dual advantage: fuel consumption savings plus lower Total Tyre Life costs with the ecological benefits of retreading.

ECOPIA H-STEER 001 and ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 are available in sizes 315/70R22.5, 315/80R22.5 and 295/80R22.5. ECOPIA H-TRAILER 001 will be available in sizes 385/55R22.5 and 385/65R22.5 as from November. Bandag FuelTech® products Drive tread M749 FuelTech® and Trailer tread R109 FuelTech® will be available as from January 2015 covering all new tyre sizes.

The Urban range: ensuring safety, cost-efficiency and extended tyre life
On display: Bridgestone U-AP 001 and Bandag BDU2

Bridgestone’s new U-AP 001 has been developed to meet the challenges of today’s intensive urban transportation. Built with a robust casing able to support a higher load capacity than its predecessor, it can also cope with higher stress and deformation forces for many thousands of kilometres. As a result, this highly advanced tyre provides operators with a range of value-added benefits in three major areas(1) : year-round safety thanks to improved grip and braking performance in all conditions including mud and fresh or melting snow; cost-efficiency thanks to a longer tyre life and therefore significantly lower cost per kilometre than its predecessor, better regroovability and retreadability, improved resistance to irregular wear and tougher durability; and increased load capacity (from 148 to 150) to cope with today’s public transportation requirements (EURO VI regulation).

Thanks to its high mileage and maximum opportunities for regrooving and retreading, Bridgestone’s U-AP 001 enables operators to decrease their cost per kilometre with Bandag BDU2. The Urban Drive tread from Bandag offers outstanding safety and passenger comfort, superb all-season performance and long tyre life for a reduced cost per kilometre.

Bridgestone U-AP 001 is available in size 275/70R22.5 and will expand to size 245/70R19.5 in 2015. Bandag BDU2 is available in the most common tyre sizes.

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R-DRIVE 001, ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 and U-AP 001 apply Bridgestone’s new user-friendly naming system. Designed to make tyre names more transparent and self-explanatory, the new naming logic reflects the two most important aspects of correct tyre use, the surface type (R for regional, H for highway and U for urban) and axle (Steer, Drive and All Position).

*Results based on internal field evaluations and tests