A new generation of Firestone truck tyres

May, 26 2014

new Firestone commercial products

Reliable performance, long service, great value for money

At Reifen Essen, Bridgestone is for the first time presenting the new Firestone  truck tyres generation, designed to offer truck operators a good and reliable level of performance combined with long service life at low cost.

The  FS422 (steer), FD622 (drive) and FT522 (trailer), successors to the well-known FS400, FD600 and TSP3000 tyres, will be introduced progressively across Europe from July 2014. The launch of the new line-up is supported by the marketing promise “The road is yours” reflecting the reliability of Firestone, as expressed by the two main product messages “Fit and Forget” and “Trouble-Free”.

Latest technology
Firestone’s enjoys a well-established position in the European truck tyre market as a reliable brand offering value for money. Building on this strength, the new  line-up is manufactured with the latest technology – including advanced tread-pattern, groove and casing techniques – to offer truck operators good all-round performance and a long service life at low cost.

The new tyres feature a robust casing for longer tyre life and better retreadability, which reduces the tyre’s cost per kilometre over the entire lifecycle. They are also built with a slim bead to reduce bead filler volume, which reduces tyre weight and therefore helps to lower fuel consumption.

“The new Firestone  line-up is designed to offer operators great value for money - a sensible price, good trouble-free performance, and a long service life” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning at Bridgestone Europe.

Individually, the new Firestone  tyres offer very competitive benefits...*

FS422 steer tyre – Long wear life and great handling
This new steer tyre provides excellent wet and dry manoeuvrability and high resistance against irregular wear.  Thanks to the innovative groove fence design, the tread pattern suppresses noise and gives good driving comfort.

FD622 drive tyre – Strong traction
The unidirectional pattern disperses water quicker from the centre of the tyre, improving the level of wet-weather handling and braking. FD622 is also suitable for use on mud and fresh or melting snow (M+S marked) and in winter conditions (marked with the Alpine symbol).

FT522 trailer tyre – High durability
The  trailer tyre is designed for a long service life and provides good handling in wet conditions and excellent resistance against irregular wear.

The new Firestone  tyres will initially be available in the major sizes 315/80R22.5 (FS422 and FD622) and 385/65R22.5 (FT522). Other sizes will be added in the future. The new products will progressively replace their predecessors in the launched sizes.

*All comparative data was conducted in internal tests versus predecessor.