Bridgestone is the exclusive supplier for eTourEurope.

May, 20 2014


13 electric cars to tour through Europe on Bridgestone tyres.

The eTourEurope kicked off in Munich on 17 May 2014. A total of 13 teams set off around Europe to raise awareness on the incredible advances being made in the field of electric vehicles, highlighting the urgent need for more rapid charging stations.

Covering a route of about 4,200 km, eTourEurope is the longest rally of its kind for electric vehicles. Each of the rally's stages is on average 450 km long, which is a peak value for electric transport. This rally puts incredible demands on both the technology and the drivers, making reliable tyres absolutely essential for such a massive undertaking.

Jake Rønsholt, Director, Corporate and Brand Communications: “Bridgestone Europe is proud to be the exclusive supplier of tyres to participants in the eTourEurope. As the number one tyre and rubber manufacturer in the world, the company understands its responsibility in terms of impact on the environment and is always eager to support initiatives that strive for greener mobility(1).”

The Ecopia range will be the main choice for eTourEurope. The name “Ecopia” represents the environmental benefits of Bridgestone tyres which are the result of a long-term development programme to ensure safety and environmental protection. Ecopia tyres are made using a special combination of materials which minimise friction and heat build-up during use.

The low level of heat generated results in optimised rolling resistance and reduces fuel consumption, which has a knock-on effect in reducing CO2 emissions. The crucial advantage of Ecopia tyres, however, is that they deliver significant environmental benefits without compromising on safety factors such as braking or handling in wet conditions.


(1) Other recent activities include:
- Partnership with AlphaElectric.
- Partnership with Saroléa electric Superbike.