Bandag FuelTech®: the new fuel-smart retreads

May, 26 2014


Because fuel matters!

Fuel and personnel are the biggest expenses in transport operations, each accounting for about 30% of the total fleet costs. Tyres influence fuel consumption significantly: of all variable factors that can affect the fuel consumption of a vehicle, about one third is related to the tyres’ rolling resistance. What’s more, the tread of the tyre is responsible for around 45% of the tyre rolling resistance (and thus fuel consumption). So making the right tyre choice and opting for low rolling resistance treads is an important business decision.

Bandag FuelTech® line: the next generation of fuel-smart retreads
With FuelTech®, Bandag has formulated the perfect answer to fleet's cost challenges: a new tread line that combines minimal rolling resistance with long tyre life.

“FuelTech® retreads give fleet operators a double advantage: fuel consumption savings plus lower Total Tyre Life costs with the ecological benefits of retreading” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning, Bridgestone Europe.

Indeed, Bandag retreads deliver on average 30% lower cost per kilometre than new tyres, and require about 70% less raw materials to manufacture than new tyres, drastically reducing CO2 emissions during production.

The Bandag fuel-smart solution for long distance traffic: Fuel Efficient, High Performing & Eco-Friendly

Using advanced tread compounds and innovative tread design, Bandag FuelTech® retreads deliver excellent fuel efficiency and eco-friendly benefits, without compromising tyre life, durability and wet-weather performance.

FuelTech® designs are based on Bridgestone’s successful ECOPIA truck tyre range, which is Bridgestone’s flagship line of fuel-efficient truck tyres.

Two Bandag FuelTech® products will be available as from October:
• Drive tread M749 FuelTech®, featuring all-season safe M+S design and speed index M.
• Trailer tread R109 FuelTech®, featuring the typical Bandag mini-wing design which provides a great finished product appearance that’s virtually indistinguishable from a new tyre, a low noise design and speed index J.

FuelTech® treads are designed for a perfect fit with Bridgestone and other premium brand casings. They are available in size line-ups which allow the most common casing sizes used within this segment to be retreaded.

To maximize the fuel saving effect, Bandag recommends the use of Bridgestone ECOPIA casings, as the complete casing structure contributes to about 55% of the tyre's rolling resistance. Together, Bridgestone ECOPIA new tyres and Bandag FuelTech® retreads provide a lower total cost of ownership over the entire life of the tyres.

... Thinking green can be smart business!