Bridgestone Tatabanya announced the Investor of the month

Dec, 09 2013

Bridgestone Tatabanya announced the Investor of the month

On December 4th, Bridgestone Tatabanya plant received the exclusive title of Investor of the month as a part of the “Award for Successful Companies” programme, granted by the Hungarian Ministry of National Economy.

This programme distributes 3 different awards to different types of companies (corporations, small and medium enterprises, start-ups) who have contributed significantly to the country's prosperity, employment, export and entrepreneurial competitiveness.

The “Investor of the Month” award is given to corporations whose activities contribute significantly to the Hungarian economy and export growth, increasing the ratio of local employment particularly among the graduates and qualified employment-seekers, and who have invested at least 5 million euros in the recent months in the region.

Kenji Karato, Managing Director of Tatabanya plant: “In name of Bridgestone Europe and all the Bridgestone Tatabanya employees, I would like to say that I’m extremely proud and honoured having received this award. We ‘only’ became part of this community some 6 years but it is encouraging to see that the Hungarian government has already valued our efforts and contributions to the society, not only in terms of providing labour or making local investments but also because of our CSR activities such as offering training and apprentice-programs to young people “

Background on Bridgestone Tatabanya
• Bridgestone’s fully-automated Tatabanya plant manufactures premium radial tyres for passenger cars, a strategic market segment for Bridgestone in Europe, including advanced Run-Flat Technology and UHP tyres.
• On 7th June 2013, Bridgestone Tatabanya Production Ltd held a groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the Hungarian factory. Bridgestone’s development plan invested €267-million for the expansion of the production capacity and increasing employment by more than 200% since its establishment in 2008. The Tatabanya expansion project will boost capacity at the plant to around 6.5 million tyres per year, bringing total plant capacity to approximately 18 000 tyres a day. The expansion is expected to be completed during the first half of 2017 and will also create over 500 new jobs. Therefore Bridgestone’s dedication to the development of its region was recognised with this award.
• The groundbreaking ceremony came less than a week after Bridgestone signed an official Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Hungarian government. The agreement was signed in the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest on 31st May by Mr. Karato Kenji, Managing Director of Bridgestone Tatabanya Production, and Mr Péter Szijjártó, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations, representing the Hungarian governmen