Bridgestone launches Battlax SC ECOPIA for maxi scooters

Nov, 04 2013

Bridgestone launches Battlax SC ECOPIA for maxi scooters

15% lower rolling resistance, with strong handling performance maintained.

Bridgestone has added the Ecopia low-rolling-resistance tyre to the Battlax SC line-up for maxi scooters. The new Battlax SC Ecopia provides a maintained high-level handling, stability, wear life and comfort as the standard Battlax SC, but with the advantage of greater fuel efficiency due to improvements in rolling resistance of 15%.

“With the new Battlax SC Ecopia, riders of maxi scooters can save fuel but still have total confidence and enjoy the ride” says Vincent Van Houtte, Senior Manager Motorcycle Tyre Products, Bridgestone Europe.

Less energy lost in tyre
Bridgestone has reduced the fuel consumption of Battlax SC Ecopia by working on three factors which directly affect tyre rolling resistance: the compound, the tyre shape and its construction. Rolling resistance is the force required to purely roll the tyre and is caused primarily by tyre deformation and the loss of energy due to heat generation during rotation. The lower the rolling resistance, the less energy needed to move forward, leading to lower fuel consumption.

The silica compound of Battlax SC Ecopia employs Bridgestone’s proprietary Nano-Pro Tech™ technology. This works at the molecular level to reduce the heat caused by internal friction between the different compound elements, thereby reducing energy loss and rolling resistance.

Optimization of the tyre shape and construction further minimizes this energy loss by reducing tyre deformation during rotation. Bridgestone’s proven Mono Spiral Belt Construction and High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord help to keep running temperatures cool by suppressing the deformation of the tread shape while maintaining high grip, stability and mileage performance.

Proven fuel efficiency
Comprehensive in-house test results confirm that Battlax SC Ecopia achieves high levels of wet and dry handling, stability, comfort and wear life as Battlax SC, but with 15% lower rolling resistance.

Battlax SC Ecopia will be available in Europe in front tyre size 120/70R15M/C 56H and in rear sizes 160/60R14M/C 65H and 160/60R15M/C 67H from January 2014. Scooters targeted include: BMW C 600 Sport, C 650 GT and new electric C Evolution; Suzuki AN 650 Burgman; Yamaha TMAX.

Part of Bridgestone’s commitment to the environment
Ecopia is the Bridgestone line of fuel-efficient tyres with low rolling resistance, already widely available in the passenger car and truck tyre markets in Europe. Bridgestone’s environmental mission is built on three main platforms: to be in harmony with nature; to utilize resources with care; and to decrease CO2 emissions. Increasing the fuel efficiency of tyres makes a major contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Looking at the whole lifecycle of a tyre, vehicle emissions during tyre use account for a large part of a tyre’s total lifecycle CO2 emissions. Achieving lower fuel consumption therefore has a significant ecological impact.

Battlax is Bridgestone’s line of premium motorcycle tyres, and a leading radial brand across Europe. Much of the Battlax tyre technology comes from MotoGP racing, the world’s premier motorcycling championship series, where Bridgestone has been involved since 2002. For the last five years, Bridgestone has been Official Tyre Supplier to MotoGP.