Firestone upgrades car tyre range

Oct, 17 2013

Firestone upgrade scarty rerange

In the 1930’s Firestone came to Europe, constructing various factories across the continent as the brand’s popularity grew.

Continuing its American heritage, Firestone designed Firehawk tyres for FIA Formula 1 racing from 1965 until 1975.

Today in Europe, Firestone is a trusted brand that has stood the test of time. Over the last couple of years it has been busy upgrading its passenger car tyre line-up and now offers motorists a very competitive range designed for reliability, safety and value for money - in summer and in winter.

Summer tyres
Firehawk SZ90μ: for the excitement of driving
This is the sportiest member of the Firestone family, carrying forward the legendary Firehawk name. The SZ90μ offers superb steering response, precision and cornering control and delivers a perfect balance between wet- and dry-weather handling.

Firehawk SZ90μ RFT: extended mobility with Run-Flat Technology
This tyre incorporates a reinforced sidewall construction, adding extra safety and convenience to SZ90μ benefits. Firehawk SZ90μ RFT is Firestone’s first Run-Flat Technology tyre in Europe, introduced in 2012 to meet the demand for 2nd and 3rd replacement tyres in a growing RFT market.

Firestone TZ300α: a genuine all-rounder
A touring tyre designed for high levels of safety and comfort with robust, reliable performance. Longitudinal grooves and long lateral shoulder grooves combined with dynamic-shaped tread block edges ensure high level wet performance. The soft sidewall and reduced radial stiffness contribute damping and comfort. Strong tyre test results include the respected “recommendable” stamp from Germany’s ADAC organization in 2011.

Winter tyres
Winterhawk 3: upgraded performance in central European conditions
Firestone has employed the latest lamellen technology to enhance performance, safety and durability. The Winterhawk 3 received GTÜ’s “Recommended” rating and the title of “Price-Performance Winner 2013” and also delivered by far the best performance for its price in the ADAC/TCS/OEAMTC test published in September this year, where it was qualified as “exceptionally good on both dry and wet roads” (ADAC Winter Tyre Test 2013, 09/2013).

Winterforce: new studded tyre for Nordic winters

Firestone’s newly-developed “stepped” block pattern provides increased traction and block stiffness at the same time, for excellent braking and acceleration even in extreme temperatures. A high density of multi-angled sipes covering the entire contact patch maximizes the biting effect and gives a secure feel on ice and compacted snow. The tyre is equally impressive on wet and slush, with wide V-shaped grooves that clear water away from the contact patch rapidly, giving safe contact between the tyre and road.

A strong commitment to winter and safety
Winter tyres lie at the heart of the Bridgestone Group strategy, offering motorists the promise of safety and reliable performance in all types of winter conditions. The Group’s focus on winter tyres, with heavy investment in testing and development, springs from the company’s commitment to present customers with products that provide safety and reassurance in all conditions and at all times. To make this commitment a reality, Bridgestone Europe invested in new testing facilities and equipment at the Swedish Proving Ground (SPG) established since 2009.