Bridgestone Corporation Releases Mid-term Management Plan 2013

Oct, 16 2013


Bridgestone Corporation today announced the outline of the company's Mid-term Management Plan for 2013 (2013MTP) covering 5 years from 2014 to 2018.

In support of its goals to become a truly global company and achieve "Dan-Totsu" in all of its business domains, the 2013MTP will serve as a roadmap and process guide as the Bridgestone Group accelerates the pace of its management reforms and increases its focus on the strategic measures as outlined in the MTP.

The following is an overview of 2013MTP.

1. Positioning of 2013MTP
Period: 5-years (2014-2018)
2013MTP reflects changes in the operating environment since the formulation of 2012MTP, and incorporates revisions to, as well as additional, strategies and actions as deemed necessary.

2. Outline of 2013MTP
The Bridgestone Group has identified three priorities in 2013MTP: (1) Cultivating global corporate culture, (2) Developing human resources capable of global management, and (3) Upgrading the global management structure.

(1) Cultivating global corporate culture
A. Clarifying brand strategy
B. Promoting Innovation

(2) Developing human resources capable of global management

(3) Upgrading the global management structure

A. Restructure the tire business SBUs
B. Expansion of the diversified product business
C. Enhancement of governance systems
D. Establishing a closer bond/linkage between and among the parts of the entire group

  1. 2013MTP target performance
- Always aim for " the higher level "
- Exceed industry average growth
- Consistently deliver Return on Asset (ROA) of 6% and Operating Profit (OP) of 10%