More Applause for the Firestone Winterhawk 3

Sep, 24 2013

More Applause for the Firestone Winterhawk 3

Firestone’s Flagship Winter Tyre Voted “Price-Performance Winner” By ACE and GTÜ.

Firestone, the brand that stands for over 100 years of innovation, continues to gain traction in the winter segment with its flagship winter tyre: the Firestone Winterhawk 3. Impressive independent test results confirm Firestone’s position at the front of the pack for safety, reliability and genuine value for money.

The Firestone Winterhawk 3 was the surprise performer in the combined 2013 Winter Tyre Test by ACE and GTÜ. Out of the 9 tyres tested in the 185/60 R 15 bracket, the renowned European Automobile Club and German Neutral Inspection Organisation GTÜ ranked Firestone’s flagship winter tyre at the top for value for money and all-round performance in a variety of winter conditions and ranked 4th in the overall test. GTÜ were particularly impressed with the Winterhawk 3’s balanced wet and dry grip, low rolling resistance and outstanding price point, which earned the Winterhawk 3 GTÜ’s “Recommended” rating and the title of “Price-Performance Winner 2013”.

Jake Rønsholt, General Manager, Corporate and brand Communications, Bridgestone Europe: “Striking the right balance between safety, efficiency and winter performance at the right price is a challenge we understand very well. And one we wholeheartedly take up year after year. These latest test results are welcome confirmation that we are on the right track.”

In a test defined, in ACE/GTÜ’s words, by “the strong performance of the smallest”, the Winterhawk 3’s achievement is proof that “good performance does not always have to be expensive”; something Firestone has believed from the very beginning.

* ACE: Automobile Club of Europe
** GTÜ: Organisation for Technical Inspection