Bridgestone puts holiday makers safely on their way

Jun, 30 2013

Bridgestone puts holiday makers safely on their way

Checking your tyres first will not only save you money but keep you safe!

With the holiday season just around the corner, Bridgestone is placing extra emphasis on the importance of tyre safety. Keeping tyres in good condition is an important part of road safety at all times but even more so when embarking on long journeys. And yet, thousands of tyre safety checks recently conducted by Bridgestone throughout Europe reveal that over 78% of vehicles carry tyres that are unfit for the roads. Which is why Bridgestone urges motorists to check their tyres before hitting the roads this summer.

Carefree holidays in 3 easy steps

Three quick checks are all that is normally required to ensure a safe, fun and carefree journey:
1. Check your tread depth.
Hope for sun but prepare for rain. With sufficient tread depth, you can drive with total confidence, even if the weather takes a turn for the worse. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm.
2. Check your tyre pressure.
Make sure your tyres are pumped up and ready for the road. Remember that the correct tyre pressure is different for a fully laden car, which is all the more important since we tend to travel with a heavy load during the summer holidays (i.e. carrying bikes, boats, trailers, etc.). Check the inside edge of your door, your fuel tank door or your user manual for correct pressure values (front and back). Don’t forget to check you tyres in cold condition for an accurate read.
3. Check for damage or wear.
Cuts, scuffs, abrasions and other forms of damage can easily get worse over a long journey. If in doubt, check with a specialist before taking the risk.

Why all the fuss?
Worn tread, incorrect inflation pressure, damage, irregular wear… all have a range of negative effects:
1. Higher fuel consumption.
Under-inflated tyres consume more fuel.
2. Reduced tyre life.
Under-inflated tyres also wear out faster.
3. Compromised safety.
Insufficient tread-depth results in increased stopping distances in the wet. Under-inflation compromises handling, manoeuvrability and braking. Worn or damaged tyres are prone to blowing out while driving, potentially causing driver to lose control of their vehicle.

An alarming trend

The results of recent 28.700 free tyre safety checks conducted by Bridgestone across Europe reveal some alarming statistics. Over 28% of motorists, for instance, drive on tyres that are either significantly underinflated or worn beyond the legal limit, posing a serious risk to themselves, their passengers and other road users. Don’t become another statistic! Check your tyres before leaving on holiday and before returning home. So you can enjoy the ride – and your holiday – with total peace of mind.

More information
For more holiday tyre safety tips, visit your local Bridgestone dealer or visit Or look out for our mobile crews this summer offering free tyre safety checks.

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