New Firestone Winterhawk 3

May, 06 2013

New Firestone Winterhawk 3

Higher all-round winter performance for a safe and secure ride.

Bridgestone Europe has launched the Firestone Winterhawk 3 lamellen winter tyre, offering high-level balanced winter performance in the mid-price tyre segment. With its innovative tread design and higher groove volume, Winterhawk 3 provides better snow traction, ice grip and wet performance than the Winterhawk 2 Evo it replaces, in addition to a 30% improvement in wear.

“Winterhawk 3 strengthens the Firestone winter line-up with very competitive and balanced winter performance in addition to long wear life” says José-Enrique Gonzalez, Director Consumer Marketing, Bridgestone Europe.

Improved traction on snow and ice*
Targeting higher-level winter performance than the Winterhawk 2 Evo, Firestone engineers redesigned the tread pattern with constant shoulder-to-shoulder tread depth, a greater number of blocks featuring multiple lamellen sipe technologies, and a high-silica compound with NanoPro-Tech™ technology that keeps the compound flexible in cold temperatures. The result is up to 9% better winter performance with improved traction on loose and compact snow, and more grip on ice.

This constant tread depth, in combination with a staggered longitudinal groove design and high transversal groove volume, raises water and slush evacuation efficiency – improving hydroplaning and slush resistance by up to 10% compared to Winterhawk 2 Evo.

30% higher mileage**
Using dynamic footprint analysis, Firestone has also applied its stiffness optimization technology to extend tyre life and mileage. Fleet tests organised by Firestone (Golf VI with 205/55R16) show a 30% wear improvement compared to Winterhawk 2 Evo.

Drivers will also appreciate the Winterhawk 3 longer-lasting grip on frozen surfaces, thanks to Firestone’s sipe retention design which prolongs sipe efficiency over the tyre life. The snow platform clearly indicates the 4mm tread depth mark, helping drivers in the many European and Scandinavian countries which have introduced minimum 4 or 3mm tread depth regulations.

On EU tyre label grading – which does not yet measure performance on snow, ice or dry surfaces – the new Winterhawk scores a reassuring C for wet grip (A high, G low) and E for rolling resistance coefficient.

“The Winterhawk 3 targets core Firestone users, mainly family drivers and young people who want safe winter driving and good value for money” says, José-Enrique Gonzalez.

Lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient
To complete the attractive package, Firestone has engineered Winterhawk 3 to be 6% lighter and 2% more fuel efficient than its predecessor, as well as quieter, offering a full decibel improvement in pass-by noise and compliancy with 2016 EU noise regulation (R117.02 Stage 2).

The Winterhawk 3 is available from June 2013. By August 2013, 13 sizes will be made available, rising to 31 sizes in 2014 and 51 in 2015.

* Internal test, Test track: SPG/EUPG, Test tyres: Winterhawk 3 vs. Winterhawk 2 Evo, Test size: 205/55R16, Test vehicle: Golf VI, Test date: winter-spring 2011-2012.
**Internal Fleet test, Test location: Italy, Test tyres: Winterhawk 3 vs. Winterhawk 2 Evo, Test size: 205/55R16, Test vehicle: Golf VI, Test date: winter-spring 2012.