Bridgestone Logistics Europe (BSLE) receives Lean and Green award 2013

May, 23 2013

Bridgestone Logistics Europe receives Lean and Green award 2013

Bridgestone Logistics Europe, located in the port of Zeebrugge-Belgium and the flagship warehouse of Bridgestone Europe, won the Lean and Green Award 2013.

It was officially handed over on May 23rd 2013 by the Flanders Institute for Logistics (Vlaams Instituut voor de Logistiek - VIL).

This award – received by only 12 companies in Belgium – was launched by VIL after its successful introduction in the Netherlands by its Dutch counterpart Connekt. This is considered as an official recognition for a company’s effort to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Companies committing to reduce the CO2 emissions of their logistical activities (transport, warehousing, last mileage distribution…) by a minimum of 20% within 5 years obtain the Lean and Green logo. The VIL is a centre of expertise to support companies in implementing innovative logistics projects and to increase their competitiveness. One of the conditions to retain the award, is to allow a half-yearly monitoring process of the actual CO2 emissions in order to check if the reduction goal of 20% is achieved.

In case of BSLE, 20% reduction of CO2 emission (compared to 2010) was achieved by implementing and prefacing several improvements:

  1. Modal shifts in transport (from truck to train and from truck to boat) and by modal improvements (optimising road transport and increasing alternative options, like rail and sea shipments), on both import and export flows.
  2. Introduction of a local transhipment point (TSP) at Zeebrugge warehouse to deliver customers in West and East Flanders instead of using a TSP located in Liège.
  3. Task Resource management to minimize internal distances in the warehouse.
  4. Yardmaster IT software to reduce yard transport.
  5. Switching warehouse fixed lighting from mercury to induction technology.
  6. Usage of more efficient batteries and chargers for warehouse equipment.
  7. The most challenging saving measure: by end of 2014 a windmill will be placed on the premises of Bridgestone Logistics Europe.

Bridgestone as a Global company is aware that its activities have significant impact on the environment. In order to implement concrete environmental actions, Bridgestone developed a “Long Term Environmental Vision”. This vision is threefold: live in harmony with nature, value natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

Jiri Willems, Executive Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Bridgestone Europe, commented as follows: “We are extremely proud to have won this award with the whole BSLE Team: it is truly a team effort and every team member fully deserves it! On top of that the initiative is 100% aligned with the Group’s Long Term Environmental Vision. The main reasons why Bridgestone Logistics Europe participated in the Lean and Green Award competition are to: create awareness of our CO2 footprint, get insight into the emissions of the logistical flow, and identify and implement points of improvements “

Bridgestone Logistics Europe’s warehouse in Zeebrugge has a surface of 88.500 m² and over one million tyres are stored for European customers. This warehouse fulfils four key roles within the supply chain of Bridgestone Europe:

  1. Regional distribution centre for all orders of the Benelux customers
  2. "Just in time" and "just in sequence" deliveries to truck manufacturers (Original Equipment customers such as Volvo Trucks, Daimler, etc.)
  3. Central storage point for Super car tyres (E.g. Ferrari, Aston Martin, AMG, etc.) delivered by a parcel service provider throughout Europe and for Earthmover tyres distributed by daily grouped shipments all over Europe.
  4. Buffer warehouse between the factories in Europe and Asia, and the regional warehouses in Europe, which are weekly replenished with new stock.