Bandag M788(E) the new all-season coach bus tread from Bandag

May, 03 2013

Bandag M788E, the new all season coach bus tread from Bandag

Fitting the suitable retread tyres for coach buses in international and regional travel is not always easy.

High quality products should meet priorities such as: all-season safety, stability and quiet running for passenger comfort, long-lasting perfect appearance, low wear and the ability to withstand the continuously changing road surface conditions, all of which would require specific design features built in.

“With the new Bandag M788(E), we offer to Bandag Dealers an exceptional product, exceeding the technical requirements for this demanding application, and increasing their chances for success within this segment” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning Commercial Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe.

Featuring the typical Bandag ECL curved section, the new Bandag M788(E) provides a great finished product appearance that’s virtually indistinguishable from a new tyre.

But there is much more to this new Bandag tread than just its looks:

• Impressive mileage performance with same tread depth and lighter to equal weight than its predecessor
• Truly all-season M+S pattern, with good winter traction when newly fitted, and quiet enough to be run all year round.
• A versatile product, mainly for regional usage, but also for highway and city bus applications.
• Low wear compound and special sipe design for excellent durability.
• Speed rating M (130 km/h).

The Bandag M788(E) treads are available in various widths, allowing to retread the most common casing sizes used within this segment.

Featuring Bridgestone technology!

The new Bandag M788(E) all-position tread is taking advantage of the experience gained from the well-known Bridgestone M788 new tyre, and exclusively incorporates similar technologies:

• The variable depth sipes provide extra grip in wet and cold weather conditions, while still retaining the stability of a rib pattern tyre.
• The convex block design reduces stress at the block edges, drastically cutting heal & toe wear thus reducing the need to rotate tyres and improving vehicle uptime.
• The groove fences, flexible partitions in the tyre's grooves, reduce the noise produced by air bumping, increasing passengers’ and driver’s comfort.
• The dual sipes further improve wet/winter performance and reduce stone retention.
• The equaliser rib design minimises irregular wear occurring on the tyres’ inner ribs, giving a longer life.

Together, these features make the Bandag M788(E) one of the most technically advanced coach retreads on the market, with performance, reliability, safety and comfort similar to a new tyre.