New Blizzak LM-80 EVO winter tyre for SUVs

Mar, 05 2013

New Blizzak LM80EVO winter tyre for SUV's

Bridgestone’s ADAC test winner just got even better!

Bridgestone has introduced Blizzak LM-80 EVO, an upgraded version of its premium SUV winter tyre that won top spot in three leading tyre tests in 2012.

Manufactured in Europe, the LM-80 EVO now features three improvements designed to upgrade snow and wet performance: new sipe distribution for traction, a new silica-rich compound developed exclusively for European winter conditions, and an optimized centre rib and shoulder block design for improved handling and road holding.

It’s predecessor – the Blizzak LM-80 – is the winner of Germany’s ADAC/ÖAMTC/TCS 2012 winter SUV/CUV tyre tests, gaining the coveted “very recommendable” label from Europe’s largest federation of automobile clubs. LM-80 received top grades for ice performance and fuel efficiency, supported by very good grades in snow and wet braking. Blizzak LM-80 also claimed the n° 1 spot in ACE (Auto Club Europe) and GTÜ (German Association for Technical Inspection) 2012 winter SUV tyre tests.

“Bridgestone aims to continuously improve all its products, both to retain premium performance levels and always keep pace with latest automobile evolutions” says José-Enrique Gonzalez, Director Consumer Marketing and Sales Support, Bridgestone Europe.

The Blizzak LM-80 EVO lamellen tyre is designed to help drivers of latest-generation SUVs get the most out of their vehicles, delivering high-level performance and safety in all European winter conditions. The uni-directional tread with advanced sipe platforms is designed for winter traction and handling on ice and snow, and offers balanced control on wet and dry roads. The new under-tread compound and lighter construction reduce the tyre’s rolling resistance, helping to cut fuel consumption.