Bridgestone launches the Blizzak Spike-01 – its new studded winter tyre

Mar, 19 2013

Bridgestone launches the Blizzak Spike 01, its new studded winter tyre

Bridgestone develops new technology for increased performance on ice and snow.

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, proudly announces the launch of the all-new Blizzak SPIKE-01 studded winter tyre for passenger cars and 4x4’s. This tyre is designed and tested to meet the demands of extreme, Nordic winter conditions, and aims to meet the additional challenge that is the increasingly strict environmental regulations on studs.

Major improvements in ice and snow performance
The Blizzak SPIKE-01 delivers outstanding results for traction, braking, handling and comfort in even the most extreme conditions including on ice and both loose and compacted snow. In fact, it delivers 20% better performance on ice and 5% on snow* which is a considerable improvement for drivers in extreme conditions.

The Blizzak SPIKE-01 takes over from its highly successful predecessor, the Noranza 2 EVO and now offers an even more comprehensive line-up covering both passenger cars and SUV’s. As such, the range satisfies a wide variety of requirements with regards to vehicle type, weight, power, handling and usage.

Specially designed stud technology
“The Blizzak SPIKE-01 is the outcome of a long history of developing premium winter tyres for the Scandinavian market. The tyre also incorporates the latest in stud design and construction technology developed exclusively for the Blizzak Spike-01 and produced by the global market leader, SITEK” says José-Enrique Gonzalez, Director Consumer Marketing & Sales Support, Bridgestone Europe.

The Blizzak SPIKE-01’s unique stud incorporates a square-shouldered, round pin with revolutionary cross-edge to maximise edge and scratch effect while minimising road wear and associated dust pollution. Preliminary internal tests already reveal the Blizzak SPIKE-01 stud’s superior, multi-directional biting effect on ice and snow and its superior retention rate over the lifecycle of the stud and tyre compared to its predecessor.

The Blizzak SPIKE-01 works by first evacuating surface water, enabling the tyre’s advanced compound to grip frozen surfaces. The resultant friction is enhanced by the scratching effect of the specially designed studs. At the same time, engineered, sweeping grooves work to clear ice and snow dust away from the stud area while crossing grooves catch and release excess snow. The result is a marked improvement in all areas of winter performance over its predecessor with vastly superior ice traction.

* Compared to Noranza 2 EVO. Size 205/55 R16. Internal testing carried out in Vidsel, Sweden in 02-03/2013. Test Car: VW GOLF 2.0tdi; Location: Bridgestone’s Sweden Proving Ground, Vidsel, Sweden.