Bridgestone Europe launches new Passenger Tyres website

Mar, 11 2013

Bridgestone Europe launches new Passenger Tyres website

Bridgestone Europe launchedits new website for the drivers of cars, SUVs, 4x4s and vans – aimed at giving drivers a fresh, attractive, user-friendly and engaging experience.

Currently available in English, additional versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish will follow in April with others to arrive in the coming months.

The site offers drivers a number of different ways of finding the right Bridgestone tyres for their vehicles, whether they already know exactly which tyre they are looking for or would like additional guidance from Bridgestone to find a suitable product.

Prior to creating the new website, Bridgestone carried out extensive consumer research in several regions to better understand the needs of drivers and also the way in which they would like Bridgestone to communicate with them online.

With this research in mind the website is arranged into 2 main regions:

Catering to the preferences of different types of customer, making available different ways to find the best tyres for their vehicle and inform themselves about the strengths of our different tyre ranges and products.

In addition to informing visitors with news, tyre tests, safety tips and other content, we aim to show our passion for their “journey” wherever it takes them, with ideas and tips for not only their daily motoring but also their trips and travel plans for the future.

In all parts of the site our DEALER LOCATOR is readily available to guide visitors to a local sales outlet.

“Bridgestone’s global tagline “Your Journey, Our Passion” is at the centre of all of our activities and our new website is driven by that philosophy – taking an innovative approach to support the lives of our customers, with relevant, informative product information and appealing content to enhance their overall driving experience, whether sharing ideas for trips or helping them to be safer on the roads” says Jake Rønsholt, General Manager Corporate and Brand Communications, Bridgestone Europe.

The Bridgestone Passenger Tyres website marks a second successful collaboration between Bridgestone Europe and Amaze, a full-service digital communications agency based in the UK and Cegeka, a full service ICT group with headquarters in Hasselt, Belgium.

Bridgestone is a leading manufacturer of summer, winter and all-season passenger and commercial tyres for cars, vans, 4x4s and SUVs, with a complete range of products available and manufactured in Europe.

You can visit the website on