New Racing Battlax V01 motorcycle slick tyre

Jan, 29 2013

New Racing Battlax V01 motorcycle slick tyre

Inspired by Bridgestone MotoGP experience.

Bridgestone has introduced the Racing Battlax V01 racing slick, designed for novices and medium class riders on race circuits. Leveraging Bridgestone’s latest MotoGP compound and contact area technologies, Battlax V01 gives riders the advantage of quick handling, superb cornering, and warm-up performance that will boost any racers’ confidence.

Bridgestone developed new compounds for the Racing Battlax V01, optimising the blend for maximum grip across the selected temperature range. The front V01 tyre with mono-spiral belt construction has a single crown radius providing high stability under the lean angle, while the smaller dual crown radius on the rear improves grip and smoothness.

Compared to the preceding Battlax R01/R02 combination, the V01 has higher construction stiffness and contact feel, producing better lateral grip for cornering. In-house comparative testing shows big improvements in handling, cornering stability and chattering (excessive vibration), with much quicker warm-up performance and significant gains in best and average lap times.

As exclusive tyre supplier to MotoGP racing, Bridgestone works with the best riders, teams and engineers in the world. With an enormous amount of tyre data and experience from MotoGP racing in all conditions and temperatures, Bridgestone has developed advanced racing tyre technologies which it now transfers to its Battlax range of premium track and road tyres.

2012 marked Bridgestone’s 11th year of involvement with the MotoGP circuit and its 4th as Official Tyre Supplier to MotoGP. The year also saw another landmark: the 100th MotoGP victory on Bridgestone tyres, at the Moto Grand Prix of San Marino, Italy, on 16th September.

The Racing Battlax V01 slick is currently available in size 120/600 R17 V01F S0F TL for front tyres and 190/650 R17 V01R in Soft and Medium compounds for rear.