Bridgestone To Acquire New Site for the Relocation of its Shenyang Plant in China

Jan, 10 2013


Bridgestone Corporation announced today that its subsidiary in China (Shenyang Plant), has acquired a new site to relocate its manufacturing facility.

In accordance with Shenyang City development policies, which were revised following urbanization of the area surrounding the Shenyang Plant, the new plant will be relocated to Shenyang Chemical Industry Park. The new site will encompass approximately 395,000 square meters, and the Shenyang Plant will make a total investment of US$99.9 million (approximately ¥8.2 billion) as the acquisition of the new site, etc.

Globally the Bridgestone Group strives to work together with local governments to contribute to the development of the regions where we operate. At the same time, the Group is developing systems to enhance its “speed to market” in order to quickly meet the product needs of its customers.

  1. Company name: Bridgestone (Shenyang) Tire Co., Ltd.
  2. Location: Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China
  3. Products: Truck and bus tires
  4. Plant Representative: Kazuya Ikeda
  5. Ownership: Bridgestone Corporation - 100% (including indirect holdings)
  6. Plant site: Approximately 395,000 square meters (after relocation)
  7. Production capacity: Approximately 3,700 tires/day (as of December 31, 2012)
  8. Number of employees: Approximately 1,199 employees (as of November 30, 2012)