Bridgestone launches Exedra Max motorcycle touring tyre

Jan, 24 2013

Bridgestone launches Exedra Max motorcycle touring tyre

Ultimate riding comfort for long-distance cruisers.

Bridgestone Europe has introduced the Exedra Max touring tyre for heavyweight, long distance touring bikes. Available in radial and bias structures with 21 sizes for the front and 20 sizes for the rear, Exedra Max will progressively replace the current Exedra touring line-up in Europe.

To develop the Exedra Max, Bridgestone has taken the best factors from its existing Exedra range and optimised the mix in four major areas of performance: mileage, stability of straight riding, handling, and grip on wet and dry surfaces. The result is a tyre that invites riders to “cruise to the max” on their heavyweight, long distance touring machines.

“Bridgestone has many years of experience in cruiser tyre technology around the world. For Exedra Max we have applied this knowhow to one basic design for ultimate riding comfort on all types of heavy cruisers” says Vincent Van Houtte, Senior Manager Motorcycle Tyre Products, Bridgestone Europe.

Optimum structure and compound for each size
Exedra Max is available with a comprehensive line-up of sizes to fit most heavyweight cruisers on European roads today. The advanced polymer compounds are adapted to each size, optimising performance and mileage for each model.

Tested on a wide variety of roads around the world, the new Exedra Max pattern designs ensure excellent stability and reliable response. They are optimised to reduce pattern noise and improve efficiency for a smooth, comfortable and economical ride.

The inverted V-shaped groove design (a) helps reduce wear while maximising grip in all conditions. The groove positions on both treads (b) are designed to enhance linear handling and the impression of rigidity, even with heavy bikes and tandem riding. On the front pattern, the centre groove (c) improves wet grip and contact feeling. The rear pattern features a centre rib (d) with reduced grooves and a wide contact area, to increase traction and wear resistance.

Wide crown shape for comfortable cruising
Straight-line stability is all-important for long distance cruising. Bridgestone has designed the Exedra Max rear tyre with an especially large curve shape to give this stability and comfort on straight roads. Its compound provides for maximum traction at any angle as well as superb grip, stability and line-holding during cornering.