Bridgestone promotes winter tyres with new multimedia advertising campaign

Oct, 09 2012

Bridgestone promotes winter tyres with new multi media advertising campaign

Bridgestone breaks a new advertising campaign in October.

Bridgestone breaks a new advertising campaign in October, adding weight to the company’s continued sponsorship of Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup events in Europe in support of the Bridgestone winter tyre range.

The integrated multimedia campaign will receive heavy TV, print and online support through a wide range of screen formats in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Sweden, demonstrating how Bridgestone tyres keep “winter under control”. Tailor suited online campaigns, relevant set of print titles and remarkable sponsoring solutions will create an outstanding media surrounding for the TV airings.

The TV commercial dramatizes “winter under control” in an original, high-impact execution closely linked to Bridgestone-sponsored ski events. Using the subjective camera technique, we swoop downhill in the eyes of a downhill slalom racer, with the background sound of a car accelerating. But instead of the ski gate we are expecting, we pass a road sign in the snow… then another, and another…as we flash down the course. Finally, as we approach the finish at full speed, we see a traffic light in the snow ahead….turning red. But instead of a skier skidding to a halt, we cut to see a car coming to a crisp stop in the snow by the traffic light. As the crowd applauses, we see that our “skier” is in fact the driver of the car that has completed the slalom course.

“We aimed to demonstrate the benefit of Bridgestone winter tyres in a dramatic way, linked to our FIS Alpine Ski World Cup sponsoring and delivering on the Bridgestone corporate signature “Your Journey, Our Passion” says Pierre Brennecke, Corporate Advertising and Events, Bridgestone Europe.

The creative work and roll-out of the integrated Bridgestone campaign was produced by the JWT International agency, part of the WPP group. Together with their media agency PHD, Bridgestone set up a comprehensive and integrated campaign.

Winter tyres at the heart of Bridgestone’s strategy
Bridgestone’s focus on winter tyres, with heavy investment in testing and development, springs from the company’s commitment to present customers with products that provide safety and reassurance in all winter conditions and at all times. In order to extend the range of its winter offer and develop future generations of winter tyres, Bridgestone Europe invested in new testing facilities and equipment at the Swedish Proving Ground (SPG) established since 2009.

Exceptionally strong growth in winter tyre demand in Europe since 2008 has provided Bridgestone with additional incentives to invest in winter tyre development. Public awareness of the safety benefits of winter tyres is growing strongly in all European countries. Two market factors have accompanied this growth: legislation and unusually cold, snowy weather in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Winter tyres are specially designed to provide more grip and safety in cold and frozen conditions. They use compound materials that remain soft and supple in colder temperatures and tread designs with sipes (miniature grooves) for added “edge effect” and grip on ice and snow.

But winter tyres are not only immeasurably more effective than summer tyres on frozen surfaces, they also provide better grip and safety in all winter conditions. In cold weather, summer tyre compounds start to harden whereas winter compounds are designed to perform in those conditions. On ice or snow covered roads, this difference in grip potential becomes even more striking. Bridgestone internal testings as well as some conducted by a third party1 show that on snow, the braking distance between a summer and winter tyre can be almost three times longer for a summer tyre!

This is why, Bridgestone, as a tyre manufacturer, strongly recommends changing to winter tyres not just when snow falls but already when cold weather strikes.

1 Test conducted by independent test center for Bridgestone. Track: compact snow, Speed: 35kmh to 5kmh, Tyres: 225/55 R16 95W Bridgestone premium (summer) and 225/55 R16 99H XL Bridgestone lamellen (winter), Vehicle: Audi A4 Berline. “Test World”, Ivalo, Finland, 04/2009.