Bridgestone themes ecology and safety at Paris Motor Show

Sep, 28 2012

Bridgestone themes ecology and safety at Paris Motor Show

First view of new A/A-rated flagship Ecopia EP001S tyre

Bridgestone will make a strong showing at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, 29th September to 14th October, with a 430m² stand (n° 202) in the heart of Hall 1.

Three distinct zones on the stand show the direction of product development: Ecological, Reliable and Futuristic tyres.

Ecological: with latest Ecopia technology
Star of the stand, in the centre of the display, is Bridgestone’s new flagship Ecopia EP001S (size 195/65R15) on display in Europe for the first time. The Ecopia EP001S carries top EU Label A grades for both fuel efficiency and wet grip, and is one of the world’s first tyres with an A/A grading in Europe and the top grade in the Japanese rating system

Also on view in the “Ecological” zone is the Ecopia EP25 low-rolling-resistance tyre, shown in its role as original equipment on the new Peugeot 208. Just behind it, the popular “bicycle” demonstrator shows visitors how low rolling resistance makes transport (the ride?) easier.

Reliable: winter, wet and Run-Flat Technology
On the left-hand side of the stand is the “Reliable” zone featuring different aspects of safety which are particularly important to Bridgestone. A winter scene presents the Blizzak range, which covers all types of European winter conditions, featuring a Citroën DS3 fitted with Blizzak LM-32 and also featuring Bridgestone involvement in the Audi FIS Ski World Cup. A special wet display demonstrates the outstanding wet safety of Bridgestone’s new flagship touring tyre, Turanza T001, while a Run-Flat Technology module shows visitors how this safety technology can “save your day”.

Behind the “Reliable” section is a presentation of Bridgestone tyre labelling under new EU regulations, with ratings for the brand’s top products.

Futuristic: new sustainable tyre and other tyres of tomorrow
On the front-right of the stand Bridgestone presents some exciting examples of tomorrow’s tyres and technologies. Bridgestone’s new “Sustainable” tyre makes its European debut, flanked by the unique “Air Free” concept of mobility. In front is an eye-catching KTM X-BOW fitted with revolutionary TPT (Tyre Printing Technology) tyres, showing that tyres don’t always have to be black! On display nearby are Bridgestone’s “Half weight” concept tyre and award-winning CAIS (Contact Area Information Sensing) technology which detects changes in road conditions for added safety and comfort.