Bridgestone truck tyres and retreads on display at Reifen Essen 2012

Jun, 05 2012

Bridgestone truck tyres and retreads on display at Reifen Essen 2012

In today’s tough economic climate, transport fleets face constant pressure to reduce operating costs.

The Bridgestone stand (Hall 3.0, N° 237) presents the company’s Total Tyre Life solution for dealers and fleets, comprising truck and bus Bridgestone and Bandag products, services and business support that help truck fleets lower their total cost of ownership. Tyres on display feature key products in the Total Tyre Life chain, including several Bandag retreads for regional use as well as Bridgestone’s latest fuel-saving ECOPIA tyres – ECOPIA H-STEER 001 and ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001.

Highway tyres

Bridgestone’s very latest ECOPIA steer tyre offers fleets even lower cost of ownership than the current ECOPIA series, with 18.9% lower rolling resistance. ECOPIA H-STEER 001 features a new sidewall compound and Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech™ compound which reduces energy loss in the top compound during rotation – leading to lower rolling resistance but without compromising wet grip, safety and durability.

Partnering the new-generation steer tyre is ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 which offers fleets an even more impressive 26.5% improvement in rolling resistance compared to the current ECOPIA series. This is achieved through a new low-energy pattern which improves control of block movement and a new energy-saving casing that decreases internal strain during deformation. These advanced technologies combined with Bridgestone’s NanoPro-Tech™ compound help lowering rolling resistance without sacrificing overall tyre performance, including wet traction.

The new Bridgestone ECOPIA H-STEER 001 and ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001 offer an average 4.4% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the current Bridgestone ECOPIA range.

Both ECOPIA H-STEER 001 and ECOPIA H-DRIVE 001, available in size 315/70R22.5, are already being supplied to several leading truck manufacturers as original equipment and will be introduced with a wider size line-up in 2013.

Low Liner tyres

R249 EVO 355/50R22.5 and M749 315/45R22.5
The combination of R249 EVO 355/50R22.5 (steer axle) and M749 315/45R22.5 (drive axle) is Bridgestone’s unique tyre fitment solution for compliance with EU height regulations for international transport: 4m total height and 3m inner loading height. This combination for tractor heads pulling mega-trailers provides the best load capacity/diameter for the steering position (8 tons per axle), to maximize loading height within the 4m allowance, and the smallest 22.5’ drive size in the market to ensure the 3m loading height.
The application of Bridgestone’s Waved Belt™ and Turn-in-Ply technologies to these two tyres increases stability, durability and retreadability of the casing and provides therefore additional tyre value.

New Regional tyres

R-STEER 001 / R-DRIVE 001
These products on display are prototypes of Bridgestone’s new-generation steer and drive tyres for regional operations. Sales launch is planned for October 2012.

Winter tyres

Newly developed in size 385/55 R22.5, the Bridgestone M788 is a highly durable winter steer tyre that transforms from a pure winter tyre into an all-season tyre as it wears. Users therefore have superior snow and ice handling during winter and excellent mileage once spring and summer set in, with outstanding wet grip.

This is Bridgestone’s new highly-durable trailer tyre for winter operations in size 265/70R19.5. It targets truck fleets active in timber transport in Nordic countries, offering superior grip, excellent winter on/off capabilities and good mileage with resistance to irregular wear.

Bandag Retreading
Retreading is an important service for commercial fleets – approximately 40% of replacement truck tyres in Europe are retreads – which is why Bridgestone Corporation purchased Bandag, the world’s leading retread brand, in 2006 with European operations passing to Bridgestone Europe in 2008. Since then, all Bandag core operations have been fully integrated in the Bridgestone Europe organisation.
Bandag Trailer Regional – Wide Base (ECL) is a versatile all-season single trailer tread providing reliability and performance in all conditions. With slow, regular wear and high mileage, BTR-WB (E) gives operators a typically low Bandag cost/km. Available in four sizes including the 385/65 R22.5 on display.

BDM1 (Bandag Drive Mixed 1): traction retread with low wear, cut resistance and strong traction for low cost/km in tough on/off road applications such as sand and gravel work, mining, timber handling and waste haulage.

BRM1 (Bandag Rib Mixed 1): all-position on/off design with slow-wearing compound, comfortable and stable ride, and the usual high level of Bandag reliability.

Other retreads on display:
R192 (E): featuring the Bridgestone R192 design and delivering high mileage and excellent wet performance with reduced noise.
BDR-HG (Bandag Drive Regional-High Grip): new-generation winter traction design, excellent for mixed winter and dry conditions, giving superb mileage.
M729: featuring the well-known deep multi-block Bridgestone pattern for all on-road operations with excellent mileage and resistance to irregular wear.

The stand also features a display with tread samples of most Bandag products, including the new BTR-WB (Bandag Trailer Regional – Wide Base).
This new light, reliable and versatile trailer tread is the result of a perfect match between compound and design optimisation. It can be used to retread all popular 385/65R22.5 and 385/55R22.5 casings. In addition, thanks to its mini-wing construction, the BTR-WB provides a great finished product appearance.
Based on the proven Bandag premium trailer tread BTR-WB (E), with the same but shallower pattern design, and a different compound, the new BTR-WB features a well-balanced performance both in highway and regional applications.