Bridgestone Off-the-Road tyres at INTERMAT 2012

Apr, 27 2012

Bridgestone present at INTERMAT 2012

Bridgestone Europe presented a strong line-up of off-the-road tyres at INTERMAT 2012, the international fair for the construction and construction materials industries in Paris, which took place from 16th to 21st April.

INTERMAT, which takes place every three years, is one of the world’s leading events for professionals in the construction and public works sectors. With over 355,000 m² of exhibition space, it is the only show of its kind to offer a 10,000 m² outside demonstration area for exhibitors’ machines and equipment.

Bridgestone, located in Hall 6, stand N° F058, displayed the largest tyre in the world and some of its leading off-the-road industrial radial tyres, as detailed below.

VJT (V-Steel J-Traction): high productivity for wheeled loaders
The L3 tread class VJT radial series is designed for wheeled loaders in construction and general duty applications. In addition to its high stability and ride comfort, the Bridgestone VJT demonstrates minimal vibration at higher speed, making it ideal for ‘load and carry’ operations. Its strong sidewalls provide the stability necessary for high productivity, while a shoulder protector minimizes damage from cuts and impacts.
The 17.5R25 and 29.5R25 became available only recently. Both products now complete the VJT-family, enabling Bridgestone to offer its customers a complete VJT-range from 17.5 R25 to 29.5 R25.
See the VJT extra-low vibration demo video:

VRF (V-Steel Rock Fast): for giant-sized rigid dump trucks
An eye-catching feature of the Bridgestone display is the world’s largest off-the-road radial tyre: 59/80R63, represented with the VRF pattern. Weighing 5.2 tons with an impressive 4.02 m diameter, it is especially recommended for high “ton-kilometre per hour” operations.
This outsize model is designed to fit huge 380- to 400-ton rigid dump trucks working in coal and copper mines, and oil sands, mainly in the Americas. In 2011 Bridgestone brought this dimension to European shores for the first time, with the VRPS pattern for use on dump trucks at a copper mine in North Sweden.

VLTS (V-Steel L-Traction S): robust service and traction for articulated dump trucks
The VLTS pattern is specially developed for articulated dump trucks operating on rocky or gravel surfaces in mining yards, quarries and large-scale civil engineering and construction sites. Recognized for assuring long life, powerful traction and superior cut resistance, the Bridgestone VLTS now enlarges its line-up with the new dimension 875/65R29 to fit 40- to 50-ton trucks.

VSW (V-Steel Snow Wedge): snow and all-season performance for bulldozers and shovels
The VSW pattern developed for machines operating in snow, especially in Nordic countries, and all-year-round community services welcomes a new dimension 600/65R25. Its wider contact surface compared to 20.5R25 offers exceptional stability and reduced ground pressure for minimal surface damage.

VCHR (V-Steel Container Handler Rib): driving comfort for container handling equipment
The VCHR pattern is Bridgestone latest product: a deep-tread industrial tyre for straddle carriers and container stackers in size 16.00R25. VCHR is designed to enhance driving comfort by minimizing noise and vibrations, and provide extended tyre life.

VSDT (V-Steel Super Deep Traction): superior traction for severe quarry face operations
Completing the Bridgestone product exhibit is the established VSDT: its extra-deep tread provides the robustness and traction needed in the toughest quarry face operations.

Bridgestone off-the-road (OTR) tyres are recognized for their quality and wide line-up which is able to meet all the requirements of customers worldwide in the mining, construction, highway services and port industries.

“OTR Elite” is a European label proposed by Bridgestone for OTR tyre dealers who offer the highest quality of service in this specialised market. It is the guarantee that Bridgestone customers are served by audited tyre specialists with the expertise and equipment to provide the best advice and after-sales support, in order to optimise the performance and life of Bridgestone OTR tyres.