Bridgestone Wins Lawsuit with Chinese Manufacturer

Mar, 15 2012


Court Affirms Bridgestone’s Design Patent Rights Infringed

Bridgestone Corporation today announced that it has won a lawsuit against a Chinese manufacturer regarding the infringement of its design patent rights.

In May 2011, Bridgestone filed a lawsuit in the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court alleging that Bridgestone’s design patent rights were violated by Guangming Tyre Group. Specifically, the court found that Bridgestone’s rights were violated by the Guangming Tyre Group’s manufacturing and sales of tires using Bridgestone’s patented truck and bus tire tread patterns*.

The court ruled in Bridgestone’s favor in December 2011 and ordered the Guangming Tyre Group to pay damages for the infringement. The Guangming Tyre Group did not appeal this decision, and the decision was confirmed.

In accordance with its policy of making customer safety and security its highest priority, Bridgestone will continue to take aggressive action in the courts and with regulators in response to the copying and infringement of its products and services. These actions are necessary to protect consumers and to maintain and enhance Bridgestone’s brand value.

* Patterns of grooves on the portion of the tire in contact with the road.