Bridgestone expands Ecopia size line-ups

Mar, 06 2012

Bridgestone expands Ecopia size line-ups

The lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of Ecopia tyres are now available for most popular car models.

In January 2011 Bridgestone expanded the size line-up of its Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 low rolling resistance tyre, which now fits a wide range of compacts and mid-sized passenger cars with 14” to 16” rim sizes in 55 to 65 series. Ecopia Bridgestone EP150 is fitted on the Nissan LEAF, the first all electric vehicle to win the prestigious title European Car of the Year 2011.

Combined with the extensive line-up of the Turanza ER300 Ecopia, launched in 2009 and now offering more than 40 sizes for larger family cars and executive saloons, Bridgestone Ecopia tyres now fit most popular car models on European roads.

Lower fuel consumption and emissions
The “Ecopia” name signifies the eco-friendly benefits of Bridgestone tyres developed under the company’s long-term safety and environmental programme. Ecopia tyres feature compound filler technology that reduces friction and heat build-up during tyre rotation.

This reduction in heat build-up leads to improved rolling resistance and lower fuel consumption, in turn leading to lower CO2 emissions. The vital advantage of Ecopia tyres is that these ecological gains have been obtained without sacrificing safety, especially wet braking and handling.

15% improved rolling resistance
Making its first appearance in Europe in 2010, the Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 is an integrated replacement and original equipment tyre combining top-class wet safety with high fuel efficiency. It employs Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech™ compound, which lowers rolling resistance, and a connected block and thin rib design that enhances contact pressure and wet braking performance.

Compared to current Bridgestone products of the same dimensions, the Bridgestone Ecopia EP 150 has a 15% improved rolling resistance which makes it, on average, 3% more fuel efficient with 3% lower CO2 output.

No compromise on safety
Eco-tyre tests carried out by the German motoring press endorse the benefits of Ecopia technology. In the summer of 2010, the BridgestoneTuranza ER300 Ecopia won the top Auto Bild rating of “very recommendable” and was singled out for its “balanced characteristics in wet and dry, high safety for hydroplaning, good wet braking and low noise while providing satisfactory fuel savings.”

The Auto Bild report also cautions readers that the flip side of fuel savings provided by many new-generation tyres with low rolling resistance coefficients can be a decrease in handling safety, especially wet grip.

Tomio Fukuzumi, Director Consumer Products comments: “Bridgestone’s philosophy is to produce tyres with well balanced performance. Recent tests suggest that we are meeting our goal of safety first and good performance in a wide range of conditions”.