Bridgestone expands Potenza with Adrenalin RE002 launch

Feb, 22 2012

Bridgestone expands Potenza with Adrenalin RE002 launch

A more exhilarating drive for enthusiasts

Bridgestone has expanded its premium Potenza sport tyre line-up with the launch of the Adrenalin RE002. True to its name the Adrenalin is pure sport, offering motoring enthusiasts a more exciting, sportier everyday driving experience.

Tomio Fukuzumi, Director Consumer Products, Bridgestone Europe explains: “With this range expansion, the new Potenza Adrenalin RE002 is appealing to new Bridgestone consumers. We are targeting enthusiasts who love a sporty feel and want an alternative to touring tyres.”

Pure sport
In Bridgestone’s premium sport line-up, the Potenza S001 remains the flagship product for high-performance and luxury cars. Designed for both Original Equipment and replacement markets, the S001 has a perfectly balanced wet-oriented performance.

The Potenza Adrenalin RE002 in contrast is a pure sport tyre for the replacement market tuned mainly for dry performance. It targets a mindset: whether the driver owns a tuned car, two-seat roadster or standard saloon, the Adrenalin promises everyday driving excitement with razor-sharp steering response and precision handling on the urban “circuit”.

Tuned for dry, safe in wet
For dry handling and sheer driving fun, the tread design boasts large, stiff outer blocks with a 3D connection between shoulder and adjacent rib, giving the tyre an exhilarating cornering ability. Road grip and sporty manoeuvring are enhanced by the wide offset rib design with grooved edge and waved centre block.

The Adrenalin is tuned for dry performance while giving drivers all the wet security they need in European weather conditions. For this Bridgestone has applied its new “pulse” groove and deflector technology: it breaks the water film faster in front of the footprint and deflects it away from under the tyre, increasing resistance to hydroplaning.

Adrenalin also looks the part. Its all-action asymmetric pattern grabs enthusiasts’ attention and the high-visibility sidewall embossing adds a sporty punch.