Bridgestone Europe publishes 2011 environmental report

Nov, 22 2011

Bridgestone Europe publishes 2011 environmental report

Bridgestone Europe has published the 2011 edition of its “Environmental Commitment and Performance” report.

In addition to updating consumption and emissions data for European manufacturing operations, the new report starts by setting out clearly and simply the Group’s environmental objectives and strategies.

“As the report states, one of Bridgestone’s core environmental strategies is to communicate openly on environmental issues” says Gianluca Tosatti, European Regulations & Environmental Affairs Manager, Bridgestone Technical Center Europe. “This latest edition shows again that we intend to stand by our commitment.”

The main body of the report presents the environmental impact of Bridgestone products and manufacturing processes based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) scheme, covering the whole life of the product.
It also adds important content on the upcoming European tyre labelling legislation, Bridgestone’s eco-friendly Ecopia tyre range and environment-related company activities in the community.

The new report follows the announcement in September 2011 that all Bridgestone European tyre production plants had completed ISO 14001 certification – a benchmark in the steady improvement of Bridgestone Europe environmental performance.

The 2011 edition of Bridgestone Europe’s “Environmental Commitment and Performance” report is available in electronic form on the company’s website: