The Bridgestone Group Announces Bridgestone Group CSR Report 2011

Oct, 26 2011


Bridgestone Corporation today announced the publication of its Bridgestone Group CSR Report 2011.

The Bridgestone Group identifies CSR as a means of realizing The Bridgestone Essence, the company’s corporate philosophy, and pursuing the CSR worldwide through its business practices with the established “22 CSR Focus points” that identified the issue that need to be addressed by the company. The report also introduces the “company’s ideal state for the future”, “objectives that embody that ideal state”, “principal achievements through 2010” and “principal plans for 2011 and beyond”.

The CSR report consists of published and online components. The booklet is intended to be read by a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, business partners, stakeholders, employees, residents of the communities in which we do business and CSR experts, while the website adds content in response to requests from individuals who need more detailed information than is provided by the booklet. The report has been designed in an easy to read format that includes detailed charts and photos, and is available on the Bridgestone Corporation website at