Top OEMs choose Bridgestone Run-Flat Tyres

Sep, 14 2011

Top OEMs choose Bridgestone RunFlatTyres

Bridgestone has introduced the Run-Flat version of its flagship Potenza S001 UHP sport tyre.

Available in 4 sizes, 40 to 55 series, from August 2011, the new Bridgestone Potenza S001 RFT combines the sporty character of the S001 with the high-level safety and comfort of Bridgestone’s latest Run-Flat technology.

Bridgestone Run-Flat Tyres are now fitted right across the BMW and Mini range in Europe, in addition to a large number of models from Audi, Mercedes, Lexus and Volkswagen. Many top sports cars are also equipped with Bridgestone Run-Flats, including Ferrari and Maserati models.

Safety and peace of mind

With Bridgestone Run-Flat Tyres, drivers can continue driving for up to 80 km at a speed of up to 80 kph even in the event of a total loss of air pressure. This enables them to complete their journey safely or reach a service station or other place where their tyre can be replaced. Changing a tyre on a busy motorway is a thing of the past.

Now with added comfort

Bridgestone’s latest generation of Run-Flat Tyres also provides a level of ride comfort comparable to conventional tyres. This has been made possible by the development of innovative “heat controlling” technologies – including a NanoPro-Tech™ polymer which reduces internal friction heat and innovative Cooling Fin technology that keeps the sidewall cool – enabling Bridgestone engineers to reduce the vertical stiffness of the Run-Flat sidewall. These technologies are not both applied systematically to all tyre sizes; their use depends on the tyre aspect ratio and preference of individual vehicle manufacturers.

“Bridgestone Run-Flat Tyres have now achieved a balance of performance and comfort that is comparable to standard tyres” says Franco Annunziato, Chief Quality Officer and Senior Vice President Technology, Bridgestone Europe. “This opens the way for expanding the use of Run-Flat Tyres with mainstream motorists.”